Selected Articles & Papers

Engaged Anthropology:

Trump Beleaguered (2019)

The Revenge of the Suffering Subject in America (2018)

On the Political Genealogy of Trump After Foucault (2018)

General Anthropology:

Good Anthropology in Dark Times (2019)

What is Genealogy?: An Anthropological / Philosophical Reconsideration (2017)

Issues in Sociocultural Anthropology since the Sixties (2013)

Critical Theory (2013)

Afterword: Reflecting on Returns to the Field (2012)

Provincializing America: Imperialism, Capitalism, and Counterhegemony in the Twenty-first Century (2007)

Anthropology in the middle (2006)

Critically Modern: Alternatives, Alterities, Anthropologies (2002)

Tibetan Buddhism:

Self possessed and Self governed – Tibetan Tantric Buddhism (2017)

 Tibetan Buddhist Leadership: Recent Developments in Historical Context (2016)


Finding the Good:  Reactive Modernity among Gebusi, in the Pacific, and Elsewhere (2019)

Gebusi Success in Failed Development: Resource Extraction and Entrained Inequality (2018)

Gebusi Land Report (2013)

Violence Reduction Among the Gebusi of Papua New Guinea – and Across Humanity (2011)

Gebusi Religion and Conversion Revisited: Spiritual Change in the Area of Nomad Station, Western Province, Papua New Guinea (2010)

From self-decoration to self-fashioning: Orientalism as backward progress among the Gebusi of Papua New Guinea (2007)

Engaged Anthropology Projects:

Monrovia Report – The Comparative Post-conflict Recovery Project (2014)

States at Regional Risk Project Report (2013)

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