Gebusi Photo Gallery: Prologue


1. Location of Papua New Guinea on the globe: the South Pacific, just north of Australia, east of Indonesia. The west half of New Guinea (green) has been part of Indonesia since 1963.  The east half of the island (orange) was a colony of Australia until 1975 and is now the independent nation of Papua New Guinea.


2. Location of Gebusi (red dot) in the Western Province of Papua New Guinea. The Gebusi are a small and sparsely settled group at the northern edge of a vast lowland rainforest.  Their hot tropical environment is just south and east of highland mountains and valleys that provide more temperate living conditions and support larger numbers of people.


3. Rainforest from the air, Western Province, Papua New Guinea


4. Nomad Station from the air, nestled near the confluence of the Nomad and Hamam Rivers


5. Nomad Station, Nomad River in the foreground, station houses in the middle, and airstrip behind


6. First photograph taken from the plane window upon landing at Nomad in spring, 1981: faces line the airstrip.

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