bowman_picJoel Bowman, Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor
jmbowma at emory dot edu
Ph.D., California Institute of Technology 1974
A.B., University of California, Berkeley 1969

See About Joel Bowman for more information.

2015-12-YiminYimin Wang, Consultant at emory dot edu
B.S. Chemistry, USTC, China
Ph.D., Emory University

An Emory alum, Yimin is currently a consultant for the Bowman Group.


Apurba Nandi, Graduate Student
apurba.nandi at emory dot edu
B.Sc. Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India 2013
M.Sc. Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India 2015

I am working on the development of potential energy surfaces for various chemical systems and semi-classical reaction dynamics.

2015-12-ChenChen Qu, Postdoctoral Fellow
cqu3 at emory dot edu
B.S. University of Science and Technology of China
Ph.D. Emory University

My research lies in building potential energy surfaces for varies chemical systems and studying the vibrational motions and dynamics of these systems. Right now I’m working on the potential energy surface and dynamics of clathrate hydrates.

Qi Yu. Grad Student
qi.yu at emory dot edu
B.Sc in  University of Science and Technology of China

I joined the group in 2014 and am a year graduate student. I am working on many-body potential energy surface and vibrational analysis of hydrated hydronium ion.

Stuart2Stuart Carter, Sr. Collaborator
stuartcrtr at gmail dot com
PhD (Sheffield), 1966
FRSC awarded in 1986
C.Sci awarded in 2004

I am currently working on extension of MULTIMODE to the general linear molecule.

Bastiaan J. Braams, Sr. Collaborator
b.j.braams at cwi dot nl

My broad interest is computational science with applications from plasma physics to electronic structure theory and potential energy surfaces. As a member of the Bowman group 2003-2009 I was involved in molecular modelling for spectroscopy and dynamics. After that I worked in the Nuclear Data Section of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), 2009 to 2016. Presently I collaborate with the Bowman group from Amsterdam, Netherlands. I have a special interest in problems involving electronic excited states.

Paul_Houston Paul Houston – Senior collaborator
Emeritus Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Georgia Institute of Technology
Emeritus Professor, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Cornell University
plh2 at cornell dot edu

I am interested in trajectory studies of molecular processes, especially photodissociation, collisional reaction, and energy transfer.  I have worked on both experimental and computational aspects of these processes and am the author of a textbook, Chemical Kinetics and Reaction Dynamics.

2015-12-SusanSusan Browne – group administrator
sebrown at emory dot edu
B.S. Psychology, Tulane University
B.A. Women’s Studies, University of Utah

I have been with Emory for almost 30 years. I have worked for the Bowman Group for close to 20 years.