Publications 2021

  Title Authors Journal or Book Vol. Page Year
  Full-dimensional potential energy surface for acetylacetone and tunneling splittings
C. Qu, R. Conte, P.L. Houston and J.M. Bowman Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys 23  7758 2021
  Quasiclassical simulations based on cluster models reveal vibration-facilitated roaming in the isomerization of CO adsorbed on NaCl
A. Nandi, P. Zhang, J. Chen, H. Guo and J. M. Bowman Nat. Chem 13 249 2021
  Crossover from hydrogen to chemical bonding

B. Dereka, Q. Yu, N. H. C. Lewis, W. B. Carpenter, J. M. Bowman and A. Tokmakoff

371 160 2021
  A. Nandi, Q. Chen, P.L. Houston, R. Conte and J. M.Bowman J. Chem. Phys. (EP) 154 051102 2021