Workshop on Roaming and Cold Molecules

To be held at Emory University October 8 – 9, 2016, Room 360 Atwood Hall

REGISTRATION is now closed. We have reached maximum capacity.

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  • Ken Brown, Georgia Tech, “Roaming in Coulomb Crystals”
  • Bob Field, MIT, “Patterns, Broken Patterns, and Broken
    Patterns of Broken Patterns”
  • Yongchang Han, Dalian Institute of Technology, “Molecular Alignment Effect on the Photoassociation Process via a Pump-Dump Scheme” Abstract
  • Bill Hase, Texas Tech, “Direct Dynamics Simulations of the Role of Microsolvation in SN2 Reactions. Considerationof the Theoretical Method, Zero Point Energy, and Experiment” Abstract
  • Rigoberto Hernandez, Johns Hopkins “Including Roaming Trajectories Within the TST fold” Abstract
  • Paul Houston, Georgia Tech and Cornell “Roaming Under the Microscope: Trajectory Study of Formaldehyde Dissociation” Abstract
  • Eric Hudson, UCLA, “Towards Quantum-State-Resolved Charged-Neutral Chemistry” Abstract
  • Steve Klippenstein, Argonne National Laboratory, “Roaming Mechanisms for Nitrogen Containing Compounds: CH3NO2, (CH3)2NNH2, CH3NH(NO2), and HNNOH” Abstract
  • Svetlana Kotochigova, Temple U., “Geometric Phase Effects Associated with Conical Intersections in the Ultracold Regime” Abstract
  • KC Lin, National Taiwan U., “Roaming Signature in Photodissociation of Some Carbonyl Compounds” Abstract
  • David Mazziotti, U. of Chicago, “Two-electron Reduced Density Matrices in Electronic Structure and Dynamics” Abstract
  • Craig Murray, U.C. Irvine, “Competing Pathways in the Near-UV Photodissociation of Acetaldehyde”
  • Dan Singleton, Texas A&M “Control of Roaming in Complex Organic Reactions in Solution” Abstract
  • Ben Spaun, JILA, “Rotationally Resolving Large Buffer-Gas Cooled Molecules In The Midinfrared With Direct Frequency Comb Spectroscopy” Abstract
  • Phillip Stancil, U. of Georgia, “Quantum Dynamics of Cold Inelastic Diatom-Diatom Collisions in Full Dimensionality”
  • Arthur Suits, U. of Missouri “Roaming in Biomolecular Reactions”
  • Stephen Wiggins, U. of Bristol “Roaming: Dynamical Reaction Pathways in Phase Space” Abstract