“It must be remembered that the purpose of education is not to fill the minds of students with facts… it is to teach them to think, if that is possible, and always to think for themselves.”                                            – Robert M. Hutchins

Laboratory Instructor (2017-2018)

“Introduction to Statistical Inference” (Dr. Ho Jin Kim & Dr. Xuan Chen)

This course is the introductory statistical class for Emory University undergraduates. I led a statistical laboratory section of over 40 students, teaching introductory R code and data science best-practices.


Graduate Teaching Assistant (2016 & 2017)


“Research: Discovery to Practice” (Dr. Gary Miller, 2016; Dr. Lauren McCullough, 2017)

Comprised of only doctoral students, the course is a philosophy of science and the mechanics of the scientific enterprise. I facilitated in-class discussions and created course materials and assignments.


Graduate Teaching Associate (2015)

sei“Environmental Determinants of Infectious Disease” (Dr. Justin Remais)

Facilitated in-class discussions, updated course materials and assignments, managed course blog, and lead one of the 3-hour long sessions on biodiversity as a determinant of infectious disease.  Photo of compartmental model I designed during my research rotation with Dr. Remais.


Graduate Teaching Assistant (2014)

paracelsus“Human Toxicology” (Dr. Michael Caudle)

Wrote exam question suggestions, graded exams, and gave a full one hour lesson on biological toxicology. Watch my lecture (Modified painting of Ruben’s “Paracelsus”)



Review Fellow (2013),  Academic Advisor (2012), Class Advisor (2011)

plc“Ethics and Community Issues in Leadership” (Dr. Colleen Scanlon-Lyons and Alice Swanson)

For an interdisciplinary undergraduate top scholar leadership program at CU-Boulder called the Presidents Leadership Class (PLC), I assisted in developing curriculum and assignments for the course during my time as Academic Advisor. I also managed five Class Advisors.  As a Class Advisor the previous year I developed and facilitated a weekly recitation of ten freshman students acting as a mentor during their college transition.


Undergraduate TA (2011)

ebio“Introduction to Biology” (Dr. Brett Melbourne)

Answered questions and concerns from students and to challenged their reasoning during in-class clicker questions. Outside of lecture, I designed exam questions, clicker questions, and a recitation.


GlobalHealthU Co-Coordinator (2011-2012)

gmedDeveloped a yearlong series of on-campus global health discussions, workshops, and lectures where students and the local community developed a foundational understanding of issues impacting our partner organization Himalayan Healthcare. In 2012, I presented our chapter’s semester long project at the Annual National GlobeMed Summit. View the presentation.