Lemonds Scholarship

Congratulations to the three members of Concert Choir who received the William Lemonds Award for Summer Study Abroad this year! Take a look at how they plan to spend their summers:

Ryan Sutherland is a Junior from St. Petersburg, FL, majoring in Music Performance and Biology. With the generous support of the William Lemonds Scholarship for Music Study Abroad, he will be conducting ethnomusicological field research in Java and Bali, Indonesia, for the purpose of completing an undergraduate thesis in Music. His thesis will focus on the influence of the Gamelan on the stylistic development of contemporary Western music, the establishment of the field of applied ethnomusicology, and the creation and popularization of the “world music” genre and its offshoots among global audiences. In Indonesia, he will be studying Central Javanese Gamelan and Balinese Gamelan with Pak I Made Lasmawan. He is thrilled to have been selected for this award and is excited to improve his understanding of Gamelan repertoire and performance techniques, and to experience the joy of cultural exploration through immersion. ​

Cloe Gentile is a sophomore music major concentrating in vocal performance. She will be using her award to attend two voice and opera programs in Europe this summer, the Cornish- American Song Institute in England and Lingua e Canto in Italy. She is beyond thrilled and grateful for the generosity of the music department at Emory for making it possible for her to enhance her skills this summer and delve deeper into her passion for singing.

Samantha Frischling is a sophomore majoring in Vocal Performance and Psychology. She will use the Lemonds scholarship to study at the Opera Viva voice program in Verona, Italy this summer. She is incredibly excited to immerse herself in the language and culture of the music she is singing, and so thankful to have the opportunity to spend this summer pursuing her love of music.

For more information about this award and other scholarships available to members of Concert Choir, visit our Scholarships page.

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