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Conflict of Commitment Policy Revised

  Following a review of the conflict of commitment policy outlined in the Emory Faculty Handbook, now under the authority of the Faculty Council, the Council voted at its January 21 meeting to revise the policy. The revision is intended to more accurately reflect both current practices and a philosophical shift toward a greater spirit […]

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Deans and Council Discuss Changes in Academic Medicine

  In January, the Council welcomed a panel of the three deans of the schools in the health sciences at Emory—Chris Larsen from the School of Medicine, Linda McCauley from the School of Nursing, and James Curran from the School of Public Health—to discuss challenges in their fields in the face of cataclysmic change in […]

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Understanding Who Constitutes “the Faculty”

  In a January meeting discussion led by three council members, each representing concerns from faculty in the health sciences, the Council deliberated the evolving meaning of “tenure” and “nontenure” faculty positions across the university. As the numbers of clinical track faculty in the health sciences rise, for example, how are those non-tenure-track faculty supported, […]

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