Faculty Peer Mediation

Ned Becker, Chair of the Faculty-Peer Mediation Committee, provided update on Emory’s Faculty-Peer Mediation process at October’s Faculty Council meeting. Faculty peer mediation is a faculty-led, faculty-focused alternative dispute resolution structure and process that is embedded within university-level faculty governance structures. This infrastructure and process seeks to leverage trained faculty neutrals to facilitate voluntary, confidential, informal meditations to help faculty successfully resolve conflicts with other faculty before conflicts escalate. In May, twenty Emory faculty completed the 28 hour peer mediation training course. The course received great feedback from the participants. The next training session is in December. The December course has over 50 applicants, and some applicants are wait-listed for the next May training course. The mediators represent all 9 Emory schools/colleges. Confidentiality is one of the main focuses for the mediation process. Taking part in mediation is strictly voluntary. Mediation may be suggested to faculty as a way to resolve workplace problems. No one can be required to go to mediation, and it can be stopped at any time. Faculty who use mediation do not give up their right to use the grievance procedures available to them at any time. Emory University encourages use of mediation and University policy prohibits retaliation against any person solely for requesting or participating in mediation. For more information, please visit the Committee’s website –  http://provost.emory.edu/faculty/governance/mediation/index.html.

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