Canvas Release Highlights for April 21, 2018

Pen writing on ruled paper

Instructure will release the following noteworthy changes to our Canvas environment Saturday, April 21, 2018.  These are likely to be just as useful to students as they are to teachers.

  • The new user interface design that came to Announcements earlier this year is coming to Discussions.
  • The section-specific feature that came to Announcements is coming to Discussions.
  • In-browser document previews on pages, syllabus, etc. will now open to 800 pixels in height instead of 400 pixels.
  • The rich content editor will have a word counter, which will show wherever teachers and students compose text within Canvas.

Click here to view the full Canvas release notes for 21 April 2018.  The release notes include a link to a video explaining some of the changes contained in the release as well as a comments section.  You can join in the discussion if you log in to the Canvas Community.

A new release arrives every third Saturday.  Some releases contain only bug fixes, optimizations, or admin-facing features; such releases will not be highlighted in posts here.  But the notes are published the Monday before a release at

Header photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash