Introducing the One Button Studio, a Simplified Video Recording Space

Located on Level 1 of Woodruff Library and built off an open-source platform from Penn State University, the One Button Studio makes filming presentations, interviews, and other small projects quick and easy. Built-in hardware automation and a streamlined space design allow for straightforward, DIY video recording—no previous experience required.



To begin a recording session, insert a USB drive. The pre-set lights, camera, and microphone will turn on automatically, and the recording feature will launch. When ready to film, simply press the one large button.  Once finished, press the same button again to stop the recording and save the file to the USB drive. Removing the drive will then turn off the equipment and reset the space for the next person.



The studio allows for a couple of quick customizations should users want to enhance the settings. A small dial adjusts the intensity of the lighting. The gray backdrop in the space easily turns into a green or blue screen with the flick of a switch, allowing users to add in a background PowerPoint presentation, image, or even another film during post-production.



Record quick intros, demonstrations, or personal bios for a course. Pre-tape lectures, using the green or blue screen to insert PowerPoint slides later.  Practice a presentation. Interview colleagues or experts for use in class projects. Create content for a podcast, YouTube channel, or social media. Record a musical performance or make a short film. The point is the studio is quick and easy to use and yet still provides a high-quality recording.



Location: Woodruff Library, Level 1, Room 101 (near the group study rooms)

Hours: The studio is currently available beginning at 10am most days and into the evenings and weekends, closing one hour before the Library Service Desk closes.

Access: Visit the Student Tech Support desk or the Library Service Desk to pick up a prox card.

To reserve:  Log into


For more information about our One Button Studio, including a virtual tour, tips, and best practices, please visit our webpage at