Adding An Anonymous Comment Box In Canvas

Students sometimes have questions or concerns about a class that they are reluctant to share publicly.

One of our faculty wanted to address this issue and provide a place for students to comment or ask questions anonymously.  Canvas does not have a built-in option for doing this but you can easily do it by embedding an Office365 form into a page in Canvas.

Follow the steps below to add a comment form to your course. If you need assistance please contact the Teaching and Learning team at classes [at] emory [dot] edu or make an appointment with one of our team members at

1. Login to Office365

Learn more about the Office365 suite of apps.

2. Select Forms

3. Create new form

4. Name your form

5. Add a question prompt

6. Open the settings menu

7. Make your form anonymous

8. Open the share menu

9. View the sharing options

10. Copy the embed code

11. Create a page in Canvas and switch to HTML editor

12. Paste the embed code into HTML view in your page

13. Your form is embedded

14. Give it a try – submit a question or comment

15. View comment submissions