Project woes

Hello to all,

After multiple and more hours of first creating in EE and in Powtoons, and then attempting to get EE, Powtoons, and QuickTime to collaborate (my computer trashcan is overflowing with mistaken files) I believe I finally have a draft of my project to present tomorrow.

No sooner was I drawing a sigh of relief when WordPress told me that it would not upload my project because it exceeded 50MB….. 🙁

do the challenges never end?!?!?!?!

frustrated judy

2 thoughts on “Project woes

  1. Leah Chuchran

    Dear Judy,
    It will be better for you to either upload it into Google Drive and then link to it here. There are size limits to Scholarblogs. I am sorry that you’re frustrated but there’s almost always a workaround.
    See you in the morning.

  2. Judy Raggi Moore Dr Post author

    Thanks Leah

    I did upload it to Google Drive, and perhaps tomorrow you can show me how to link to Scholarblogs. My brain is dead to technology tonight 🙂

    See you tomorrow, grazie



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