Module 2-Duke: Steep learning curve. Hard climb. Rewards along the way.

Last week in our synchronous session we talked about a steep learning curve.  I feel like I’m on it.  Steep means that we can move upwards rapidly, but the climb is also harder.  Every time something new appears, I get a bit tense, but I find that if I read or listen a few times, a light bulb goes on and I can feel a palpable flash of understanding.  This is very rewarding (excellent behaviorist strategy, Leah!).  I can see how this class not only can provide conceptual knowledge but experiential knowledge.  I feel as if I’m flipping back and forth between student and teacher (much more on student side now!!), but I am also beginning to see how I can embed my course topic–abnormal psychology–into the VoiceThread and Scholarblog technologies.  Sometimes (after those flashes of insight) I am having fun and that’s good.

2 thoughts on “Module 2-Duke: Steep learning curve. Hard climb. Rewards along the way.

  1. Dear Marshall, thank you for your honest reflection, I so greatly appreciate it!
    Yes, this absolutely should be fun…and I’m thankful you’ve mentioned that, too!
    The flipping between is good and honestly, I do not think that anyone should teach an online class before taking one as a student. Keep asking questions and writing down your ideas! All best, Leah

  2. Marshall querido, love the abnormal psychology teaching and learning all pouring through the various inlets and outlets of technology. Nothing has felt normal since we started this course, and it’s a great spanking us old teaching and research geezers into action and renewal. Thanks, Leah, and thanks, Marshall, for posting this.

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