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María-M2-Juggling, Steeping, Incorporating, Wondering, Threading


As I read the comments by Michael, Marshall, and Imelda, I realize that my juggling acts are also happening everywhere in this course: in Michael’s wondering about goals and aliens in the yard; in Marshall’s channeling the steep learning curve to teaching abnormal psychology; and in Imelda’s incorporating VT to her teaching pharm.  I send this message in a bottle to all of us learning here, to say that maybe the traditional medium of the present bodies in the classroom cannot be commuted, that perhaps we need to continue to teach like that until we die.  At once, as I learn in this M2 week, to also say that there is a virtual community forming, and that even if we are experiencing the juggling, steeping, incorporating, and wondering apart, we’re beginning to establish certain ties that bind us in various ways.  Threading right ahead.