Lauren Hall

Hi everyone! My name is Lauren Hall and I am 19 (almost 20) years old. I am from Nashville TN, however I recently moved to Kentucky. I am not on campus this semester rather I am doing my studies from home in Kentucky. I hope to major in business but specifically to become an accountant. I love math and numbers! My primary language is English. I can speak enough Spanish to hold a conversation, however I would not say I am proficient in the language. I have worked privately for a family as a nanny for several years and I hope to continue doing so throughout my college experience. My love for kids  is rooted in the fact that I grew up with three younger siblings, so you kind of have to love them! I also enjoy doing almost anything outdoors. I love hiking, kayaking and biking as well. 

A question I pose for the class: Do you think all animals can communicate? 

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