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Jett Carter

Jett Carter is a freshman at Emory College of Arts and Sciences, currently striving for a degree in business. Jett was born and raised on the big island of Hawaii. His pronouns are he/him/his. Jett primarily speaks English, but also speaks partial Japanese and partial Hawaiian. His primary interests lie in media– TV, movies, music, and games.

Lauren Hall

Hi everyone! My name is Lauren Hall and I am 19 (almost 20) years old. I am from Nashville TN, however I recently moved to Kentucky. I am not on campus this semester rather I am doing my studies from home in Kentucky. I hope to major in business but specifically to become an accountant. I love math and numbers! My primary language is English. I can speak enough Spanish to hold a conversation, however I would not say I am proficient in the language. I have worked privately for a family as a nanny for several years and I hope to continue doing so throughout my college experience. My love for kids  is rooted in the fact that I grew up with three younger siblings, so you kind of have to love them! I also enjoy doing almost anything outdoors. I love hiking, kayaking and biking as well. 

A question I pose for the class: Do you think all animals can communicate? 

Solomon Song

Prior to coming to Emory to complete his undergrad, Solomon lived in Seattle for about half his life. At Emory, he plans to major in International Studies with a minor in Global Health. Solomon’s primary language is English but he’s also fluent in Spanish and knows enough Korean to make his elders think he’s fluent (when he’s really not). Sometimes it seems as if Solomon’s life circulates around eating, which explains why he loves trying new foods. Additionally, he’ll always free up time to grab boba, watch movies, ball, or head to the gym with anyone.

Miguel Ureña

Miguel Ureña is currently an undeclared Freshman at Emory College. He was born and raised in the eternal sunshine of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. His first and native language is Spanish, shortly after learning English. His planned major is business in the Goizueta Business School. He is interested in video games and Ultimate Frisbee.