Environmental Chinese

Welcome to the Environmental Chinese Emory Blog!

The purpose of this blog is to combine environmental/animal protection and Chinese language learning. The content within this blog includes an E-Book, Student Projects, and Podcasts.

The E-book contains various Chinese genres, from which students can learn about environmental protection and foster an awareness of environmental/animal protection.The Student Projects contains various compositions written by students in Intermediate Chinese levels, which discuss the relationship between nature and human living. The Podcasts consist of two parts. The first part is called “Chinese Beyond Emory” which are all related to environmental/animal protection in China, Taiwan, and Japan. The second part consists of student podcasts related to environmental protection at Emory University.

This is still in the experimental stage. Please let us know if there is anything we could improve upon. Please contact the author/editor, Wan-Li Ho, Ph.D., at who [at] emory [dot] edu or the administrator, Jaeha Han, at jaehaaa [at] gmail [dot] com.