Welcome to the Family Narratives Lab, part of the Child Studies Center in the psychology department at Emory University.

Although The Family Narratives Lab is no longer actively collecting data, members continue to publish both theoretical and empirical articles based on 40 years of research.

Narratives and Autobiographical Memory

We are interested in how people remember and narrate the events of their lives.  Narratives, or stories, about one’s past, are the way in which individuals make sense of their experiences and create meaning, both for themselves and for their families.  By examining how children, adults, and families tell the stories of their past, both the good times and the bad, we examine how family narratives are created over time through social interaction, and how these stories become part of one’s self.  In a very real way, narratives become the defining expression of our autobiographical memories, memories of our self over time that help to define who we are and how we relate to other people.

For Undergraduates at Emory University

If you are an undergraduate student at Emory interested in getting research experience, you may apply to take part in the 499 course in the Fivush Lab. Through this course you will help with everyday lab tasks such as checking narrative transcripts, interacting with participants and siblings, and coding narratives. Working in the lab is a great way to see the process of psychology research first-hand! Contact Dr. Fivush if you are interested in applying.