Emory Cinematheque Presents “The Cinematic Worlds of David Lynch” Series for Fall 2023

The Emory Cinematheque is back! This semester, the Department of Film and Media and Emory College of Arts and Sciences are pleased to present “The Cinematic Worlds of David Lynch.”  

One of the most significant, eccentric, challenging, debated, and multifaceted American filmmakers still working today, Lynch has long operated on the fringes of Hollywood and his directorial career has been marked by several highs and lows. Although none of Lynch’s films have been massive hits, his name alone conjures the surreal peculiarity, dark humor, and ambivalent audiovisual tone defining his cinematic signature, a sensibility and atmosphere that many simply call “Lynchian.”  

“In many ways, David Lynch’s filmmaking career has been distinguished by the consistency of his vision—even as he moves through different media, genres, and platforms—and the inconsistency of critical and commercial success,” remarks Dr. Timothy Holland, Assistant Professor in the Department of Film and Media, who curated the series. “He remains a remarkable figure in the world of cinema not only for his ability to create unforgettable films and those ‘Lynchian’ scenes and characters he’s famous for, but also his ability to keep creating on his own terms. His films belong neither to the mainstream nor the avant-garde, but occupy a space in relation to both, a space unique to his imagination, artistic output, and hold on our cultural consciousness.” 

All screenings are on Wednesdays at 7:30 p.m. in White Hall, Room 208. The Cinematheque runs from September 6 until November 30 and is free and open to the public. Unless otherwise noted, all screenings will be 4k restorations on DCP and, unless otherwise noted, introduced by Dr. Holland. Visit the dedicated Emory Cinematheque page for more information on all the screenings.

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