Getting Started with ScholarBlogs…

Hello and welcome to ScholarBlogs! Perhaps you have some familiarity with SB, as it is Emory’s instance of WordPress, which is hosted by ECDS.

This site will serve as home to a few of the Communication Exemplar activities presented to you though out the course. Please take this opportunity to experience blog-style posting, and also engage in the in-depth discussions that will occur in this communication medium.

Before you get started, take some time to read through the Posting Info page. Although this information is brief, it is critical to organize our blog posts. Most importantly, please remember to:

1. Title your posts with the following format:  Week 2 – LastName. If you would like to include a “snazzier” title following that, that’s great! —but please be sure to include the week and your last name.

2. Categorize your posts. This will help your fellow learners sort through discussion, but also help your instructors find your posts when it comes time for grading.

3. All posts will be added to the Blog tab.

Again, welcome and I hope you make the most of this experience. Continue to analyze how these tools might work best for you, your curriculum design and your students’ learning experiences.


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