Week 2 – Sheridan – First reflections #Goodtimes

So far so good. Sorta. Not going to lie – a little overwhelmed by the timing – all at once everything seems urgent. I appreciate how this course is laid out and how organized it is. I am lucky that my first semester at Emory I co-taught in a course in which we used VT weekly so I am comfortable with that platform. I do plan on using it this summer. What has me most worried is my course that I am building for the summer (which I found out yesterday has to go back through curriculum committee) is 5 credits. I have 15 hours of lecture, 30 hours of seminar and 180 hours of clinical. The clinical hours are handled. Handled – sounds like I am an assassin. I have 12 hours of face to face time with the students – so I have 33 hours that I have to do outside of that. That is daunting. Actually my head started hurting again just typing that. #goodtimes

One thought on “Week 2 – Sheridan – First reflections #Goodtimes

  1. Hi Trisha!
    Okay, well, I so appreciate your honesty, this is a good thing!

    As far as designing your course, you’ll get a great start in this Foundations experience. I may have some additional ways to help you to determine the best approach and the activities within the f2f class and the online time. Let’s just take it step-by-step for now. Okay?

    All best,

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