Week 2: I do this to myself: O’Connor

So my main reason for taking this class is to do with summer teaching.  Many of our second language speaking students wish to take classes over the summer, especially writing classes to fulfill that requirement, but they also wish to go home to see family.  Being so far away from home for many this is the only opportunity in the year to go home.  This is a dilemma but one that could be solved by creating online versions of the classes we currently teach.  It would also give us more flexibility as instructors.

The biggest issue for me is I am not the best with technology.  In my 9 years at Emory I have certainly gained a lot of knowledge with the patience of such good folks as Leah.  I am confident with Blackboard for example and can whip up a survey on survey monkey.  Yesterday I learned how to do forms on Wufu…BUT it takes TIME!!!!!  And when something goes wrong……it’s hard for me to fix it! Leah??????/  Help??????

One thought on “Week 2: I do this to myself: O’Connor

  1. Hey Jane…it is true that the instructor does seem to be the first stage of communication in the class, including the technology. But I’ve also found that with a solid course design that many of the technology issues can be overcome. We do take time to choose technologies that are easy-to-use and are also reliable (ie: VT).

    Otherwise, there are support mechanisms in place for students and it should be clearly outlined in the syllabus and then also gone over in the class itself (ie: first live session).

    You’re going to do it…the more you are immersed the easier it comes. I promise. 🙂


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