Week 2 – Sheridan – Motivation, Management and Me – oh my!

As I previously posted I am nervous and a little overwhelmed.  I didn’t get past line two of the article Teaching Time Investment (Van de Vord & Pogue, 2012) when I really started to sweat.  No clear answer if online teaching saves time or is MORE WORK? What??? However, their research concluded with a somewhat gray answer of somethings take longer while others are more time effective.  Ok. So… do the work and it will pay off.  Right?

You asked what motivates me to teach online.  First, my boss motivates me by telling me that is what is needed.  Keeping my job – HUGE motivator! Second I do love technology and the virtual office.  I am a single mom to small children and having the flexibility of when and where I can work is a HUGE motivator.  I also think virtual meetings can offer insights in to people and their lives that you may not get to experience otherwise.

I believe I can be effective and engaging to the online student learners in several ways.  I think nursing school can be somewhat routine and monotonous.  The virtual world allows to break that up for students to work within their schedules (to some degree). It also allows for games, videos, quizzes and other multimedia learning experiences.  One way I plan to use it is to have students do motivational interviewing, health histories & counseling sessions, record and post them.  Then they will need to critique their own work and offer feedback for growth.

Time management will be one of my biggest challenges.  So much front work has to be done before the semester starts and I am currently in the middle of this semester.   I have recorded several webinars or voice over power points before and they take SO MUCH longer than if I were to give it live.  I need to make a plan, be very organized and stay on time.   The other thing I worry about is that I am not a very serious person – I make jokes, like to be silly and I need to be cautious about how I come across via the electronic world.   One sentence is can be taken in a variety of ways because you lose the nuances of verbal communication. I think with practice I can find a middle ground of professional and approachable.

So as I said in the beginning – I guess I need to start putting in the work and it will all work out. Right?

4 thoughts on “Week 2 – Sheridan – Motivation, Management and Me – oh my!

  1. I like your ideas for engaging your students in activities. I am currently taking a hybrid course and the online portion is really just written discussion with the odd reading or YouTube video thrown in. The instructor rarely comments which makes us feel a bit “out there” and not so motivated. This is really making me think how can I NOT fall into that trap.

  2. Hi Trisha,
    I love the concept of doing health histories and patient interviews! I may steal that idea! In addition, I think we can use the VoiceThread medium to have the students present their patients like they would in rounds to their attendings, ACNPs etc. and elicit feedback virtually. I am glad you are taking this online journey with me, it helps to have an online partner in crime!

  3. I hadn’t really thought of it until you mentioned it, but I am also kind of a ham when I teach, and that might be different online. Like you said, sometimes you don’t come across in the way you mean to, but also, we might be recording these sessions, so everything is permanently there and can be dispersed across the internet pretty easily.

    But the flip side is, with everything recorded, there’s lots of opportunity to look back (e.g. listen to old synchronous sessions) and figure out where to improve! I think that would be particularly useful for me.

  4. Hey Trisha! After reading your post, I just say yes! You must just get organized, in anyway that you feel works best for you. You’ll have a solid foundation upon completion of this course, specifically with the course design plan.

    As I mentioned to Jen in a previous comment, I think I might want to connect with you two specifically here and share some importance resources for designing blended courses.

    I think you’ve got the ideas, and yes, it all comes down to planning. It’s tough when in the middle of the semester, I understand!

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