Week 2 Module 2 Reflections. Muratore

Teaching and online class can be a great tool to enhance students’ enrollment especially during the summer terms when students are traveling. It give the professors the flexibility to plan and manage the course ahead and also to teach from any place in the world. I believe I can be an effective teacher if I am able to convey to students the importance of taking responsibility for managing their own learning experience, and being active and creative students. Also the online environment can be a more comfortable venue for shyer students, they would feel more comfortable posting in a blog or preparing a VT.  One of my biggest concern is to facilitate a discussion online, asking a question to students and expect a discussion similar to a face to face one seems difficult to achieve, especially in a second language classroom.


3 thoughts on “Week 2 Module 2 Reflections. Muratore

  1. I agree with you and I am also afraid of being able to create a fish and vibrate dialogue online. To me blackboard discussions don’t work as well. I think the VTs offer a great opportunity. You mention you think it might be easier for a shy person to talk online – I think in a forum where they can write that might be true but I am worried about the recorded sessions or live chats – some people are really frightened or overwhelmed by cameras!

    1. Hello Trisha – I’ve had several faculty feel “uncomfortable” using the video feature, at first, but, over time, this eases up a bit and becomes second nature. I’d say, just use it strategically. Using it as an intro/icebreaker is great! It helps to set the tone and use it in an environment that is low-stakes, high touch. 🙂

  2. You are right about the cameras, I am kind of frightened too… I was thinking more just the voice recorder.

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