ScholarBlog Assignment

In this module, we learned about the Community of Inquiry Framework model. By addressing three different levels of presence (cognitive, teaching, and social), we can create more meaningful learning experiences for our students. In this assignment, you will publish a blog post that relates one of your class activities to the levels of presence on our class website

For your blog post, select one activity in your own course (current or in development) for each type of presence and briefly describe those three activities. Be sure to label which activity supports which type of presence and give an explanation for why this activity supports that type of presence. Then choose a Creative Commons or public domain image that or represents your post and insert it as a header. This image will become your post’s thumbnail on the main page.

Think of this as a form of public scholarship where you talk about your own work as a teacher grounded in a pedagogical model. Later, you might want to use this content in developing your own online teaching portfolio.

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  1. Teaching Presence:
    In the Holocaust Class, I will assign a documentary about Warsaw Ghetto during the WW2 and an article discussing the Jews’ situation in this Ghetto. Through watching this film and reading this article students will learn about an exemplary case how Nazis forces Jews to live Jews in a locked part of the city in shortage of food and medicine.
    Cognitive Presence:
    After watching the documentary and reading the article, I will assign students to form groups of three or four people and discuss about the situation of Jews of Warsaw Ghetto. They each group will write 3 pages response paper to be submitted to the instructor.
    Social Presence:
    First, we will do a synchronized online discussion as a whole class via video conference. Then I will opun up a discussion thread and we will share our reflections on the discussion board.

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