Current Projects

Ongoing projects in the HEAT Lab include:

Investigating Healthcare Worker Burnout from the Inside Out
This multi-method ambulatory assessment study integrates ambulatory blood pressure and cardiovascular monitoring technologies with ecological momentary assessment to investigate daily stress and burnout in frontline healthcare workers.

A Novel Voice Diary App for Integrative Health Research
In collaboration with the Georgia CTSA AppHatchery, this project develops and validates a smartphone-enabled stream-of-conscious voice diary app for research, an “audio” version of the daily diary method. Once complete, we aim to make this tool broadly available to interested research teams everywhere.

Development and Validation of Ecological Assessment Protocols for Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy Trials
In collaboration with the Emory Center for Psychedelics and Spirituality, the HEAT lab is developing and validating ecological assessment tools that will enable investigations of how psychological and behavioral changes unfold over time following psychedelic experiences.

What to Wear: Characterizing the Validity and Clinical Utility of Consumer Health Wearables for Long COVID
This PROSPERO-registered systematic umbrella review aims to identify promising consumer health wearable technologies that may support symptom self-monitoring and management for individuals who have Post-Acute Sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 (PASC), also known as “Long COVID.”

Bridging the Gap Between Consumer Health Wearables and Routine Medical Practice
In this implementation science project, our lab uses a mixed-methods approach to investigate how consumer health wearables (e.g., smartwatches and fitness trackers) that are already widely adopted can be better integrated into routine medical care.

Investigating Adverse Effects of Consumer Health Wearables
All innovations in healthcare technologies have potential negative consequences that must be systematically characterized, and consumer health wearables (e.g., smartwatches and fitness trackers) are no exception. Our lab is currently collecting pilot data for several projects that share this aim, in collaboration with the Emory University Center for the Advancement of Diagnostics for a Just Society.