CSHH Welcomes Angela Fusaro for the 2019 Berson Lecture

Angela Fusaro, MD, MBA, is an Emergency Medicine physician and the Co-Founder and COO of Physician 360, a company that develops rapid, at-home tests for urgent care conditions like strep throat, flu, UTI and anemia. A pioneer in healthcare innovation, Dr. Fusaro has designed two entrepreneurship courses for medical students at Emory and led a national workshop that helps physicians translate clinical insight into marketable products that can save, and improve the quality of, patients’ lives. She also has extensive leadership experience in organized medicine, driving business development on the board of numerous national organizations, including Hygeia Health. Dr. Fusaro is an alumna of Emory College and Goizueta, as well as a 2017 Poets & Quants recipient.

The Harold and Florence Berson Lecture is presented through the Health Innovation concentration, a collaboration between the Center for the Study of Human Health and Goizueta Business School at Emory University. The series, which highlights the intersection of health and business, is made possible by the generous support of Denise Berson Tanzman 81C P18 and Mitchell Tanzman 81C P18.

Visiting Faculty Dan Benardot Keynotes PRiSM Annual Meeting

Dr. Benardot was a keynote speaker at the recent PRiSM (Pediatric Research in Sports Medicine) annual meeting, where he spoke on Nutrition Strategies for the Young Athlete: Myths and Realities. He is now teaching a never-before-taught course entitled Nutrition for the Performing Arts, with well-known performing artists visiting the class to discuss nutrition strategies they follow to achieve optimal performance.

The outcome of this class will be a class-generated nutrition manual that will be presented by Dr. Benardot at the upcoming PAMA (Performing Arts Medical Association) annual meeting this Spring at UCLA. Dr. Benardot’s most recent book, “ACSMs Nutrition for Exercise Science”, was published this January (Wolters Kluwer © 2019). According to the publisher… “This book provides a clear and highly applied overview of exercise nutrition, and illustrates difficult concepts using real-world examples and case studies that allow students to put learning into practice.

Well-known author Dan Benardot draws on his vast experience as an instructor, scientist, and practitioner to craft an engaging and factual resource that makes the nutrition of exercise science accessible. Written at a level appropriate for both exercise science majors and non-majors, this practical book is packed with helpful in-text learning aids and stunning visuals that bring concepts to life.

Human Health Course, “The Science of Sleep” Featured in Emory News

“The Science of Sleep” course is part of the Human Health program, which integrates Emory College’s liberal arts focus on critical thinking and evidence with the renowned research Emory is known for across the health sciences.

Sleep is often an aspect of health that students express the most surprise about in Health 100, the foundational course required of every first-year Emory College student.

“It’s definitely romanticized, that everyone at college is pulling all-nighters and getting all this work done,” says Emmerynn Wheelan, a senior human health major. “I tried that my first year and quickly realized it doesn’t work for me. I need my sleep to be able to function. It makes so much sense when you realize how active you are during sleep.”

Exactly why we sleep is unclear, says Amanda Freeman, a senior lecturer in human health who designed the course.

Read the full Emory Report article.

CSHH Distinguished Speaker Series Presents Dr. Maria Fadiman

The Center for the Study of Human Health cordially invites you to attend “Health and Culture: How Food in Palau and Oil in the Amazon Affect Us All,” a distinguished guest lecture by Maria Fadiman, PhD, an associate professor of Geography at Florida Atlantic University. 

Maria Fadiman, PhD, is an associate professor in the Department of Geosciences at Florida Atlantic University and a National Geographic Emerging Explorer. She researches the human/environmental aspect of conservation, focusing on ethnobotany, the study of the relationship between people and plants in rural areas throughout the globe. She has been featured twice as a TEDx speaker in Berkeley, CA and Cancún, Mexico.

In addition to her peer-reviewed academic publications, she is one of the invited contributors to the book, Global Chorus, along with others such as the Dalai Lama and Jane Goodall. Her rainforest essay was recently published in the Voices section of the American Way Magazine. She loves teaching and was chosen for the Innovation in Teaching award for the College of Science, earned the Degree of Difference Award in “Recognition of positive impact on and special contributions to students” and was twice a finalist for the Distinguished Teacher of the Year award for the university. She earned her PhD at the University of Texas at Austin, her MA from Tulane University and her BA from Vassar College.

Please visit www.mariafadiman.com for more information about the speaker.