Human Health Course, “The Science of Sleep” Featured in Emory News

“The Science of Sleep” course is part of the Human Health program, which integrates Emory College’s liberal arts focus on critical thinking and evidence with the renowned research Emory is known for across the health sciences.

Sleep is often an aspect of health that students express the most surprise about in Health 100, the foundational course required of every first-year Emory College student.

“It’s definitely romanticized, that everyone at college is pulling all-nighters and getting all this work done,” says Emmerynn Wheelan, a senior human health major. “I tried that my first year and quickly realized it doesn’t work for me. I need my sleep to be able to function. It makes so much sense when you realize how active you are during sleep.”

Exactly why we sleep is unclear, says Amanda Freeman, a senior lecturer in human health who designed the course.

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