Poster Format

Posters are depictions of your research that can be viewed from 3 feet away. Thus posters must have large font and also have a clear visual path to read them. Readers generally have limited time to view individual posters so keep text concise! Posters should be able to be completely read in less than 10 minutes. Because of their brevity presenters generally stand nearby to be available for any questions. Steps to ensuring a successful poster format include:

  1. Know the specifications. Conferences are often tight on space for posters so have strict size allocations. What size poster are you allowed? Does it need to be in portrait or landscape orientation?
  2. Use large font. All main text should be at least 24pt font. Figure text can be as small as 18pt font. Subsection headings should be 36pt. font, authors 56pt, and title 85pt.
  3. Keep text to a minimum. Images can convey more information than text in the same amount of space. Use graphical depictions of information wherever possible. When text is needed be sure to carefully consider which information is critical and which can be omitted.
  4. Use impactful images. Images should be legible from 3 feet away. Be mindful of resolution and color choices on images to keep them appealing.
  5. Make sure it is easy for readers to identify subsections and to know the path their eye should follow through the poster.