Cinematography in Gravity

In this video the head camera operator Peter Taylor explains the intricacies of a three axis camera. I thought it was interesting to learn that by toying around with the dutch camera angle the proceeding pans, tilts, dollys, and crane shots can all become intertwined with each other. A pan may no longer be a pan, but rather a tilt. And similarly, a dolly may become a crane shot. 

Why does this matter? With no gravity, one thing becomes certain. There is no down. When there is no down there is no up, no left, no right. We lose all sense of direction. Except we don’t. Ryan becomes our up, down, left and right. In films shot on Earth the camera is capturing a perspective of a relationship between its focus object and our world. This differs from Gravity because the camera then becomes something that is capturing a relationship between it and its focus object and not a perspective. She has become our gravity.

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