We hope to cover a lot of ground at the workshop, so please familiarize with some of the main tools we’ll use: PhiloLogic, Voyant Tools, and RStudio. These are detailed (with links) in the program schedule. Ideally get some familiarity with R and RStudio through an online tutorial, such such as the Introduction to R at If you want to token Japanese (break it into words) on your own computer, please install MeCab and RMeCab/RMeCabUni, using our guide.

We will have RStudio with tokenization tools available online to workshop participants, with authentication (login) through gmail. Send us your current gmail address, or set up a new gmail account for this project and send us the address. We won’t need your password (of course!) just your address, but if you set up a new account, you’ll be able to share it with your research assistant(s).

As you review the schedule, please let us know if we’ve neglected any topics of interest. We have some flexibility and we hope to make the workshop as valuable as possible.