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Evaluation and Sustainability of a Home Based Care Coordination Model for Older Adults with Behavioral Health Disorders

The Fuqua Center provides on-site psychiatric services in 16 affordable housing facilities in Atlanta.  Over the years the model shifted from a primarily nurse practitioner (APRN) model to an LCSW care coordination and APRN care model.  The Atlanta Housing Authority … Continue reading

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Organizational Health: From Ellis Island to Ebola

Article was accessed through Kaiser Health News at From Ellis Island to Ebola: Is Sacrificing a bit of comfort for public health such a great indignity? WSJ October 31, 2014 6:33pm posted Opinion article by Peggy Noonan This article, … Continue reading

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Leadership Week 1 Post – Eve Byrd

According to the Jung Typology, I am an ENFJ: Extrovert (78%), Intuitive (88%), Feeling (62%) and Judging (33%).  The ” benevolent “pedagogues” of humanity. At first I thought, correctly described me as I see myself but when I refreshed my … Continue reading

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Week 1 Eve Byrd

This is a test

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