LGBT history is a vast, rich, and often overlooked area of history.

This digital display aims to spark discussion on and inspire interest in queer history through the use of LGBT flags.

The goal of the “History of the Rainbow Flag” portion of this display is to give context to an important queer symbol deeply associated with the LGBT community.

Members of the LGBT Community might not identify with of any of the symbols highlighted in this display. Or they might find representation in all of them. Not every member of the LGBT or queer community identifies with the LGBT Pride Flag, the other LGBT flags highlighted, or even the terms queer or LGBT. The purpose of highlighting these flags, these symbols of various groups within the queer community, is to educate those interested on the meaning of their colors, not to demand identification with them. This display also does not highlight every pride flag out there, and I hope this display sparks further interest in research the many flags and symbols used by members of the LGBT community.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about these symbols in the LGBT community.

Please use the menu at the top of this page to navigate to brief, informational guides on several LGBT flags.

This project was built and is maintained by Billy Tringali at Emory University.

A painting of the rainbow flag.