Wonderful Is Your Name

Not necessarily jazz, but the entire performance is based off improvising over a song. Cory Henry is a master of a lot of things. One of these things is communication with other musicians. You can see him giving a lot of verbal and non-verbal cues to the drummer. Even when I saw him live in concert, when he was playing a melodica solo, he gave cues to the audience to let them know when they could sing and when they should stop. He really breathes music in and out like a language. He’s also really tasteful in choosing when to play the original chords and when to reharmonize. He pulls these melodic and harmonic ideas out at times when people don’t expect it, hence the oohing and ahhing. Some of his most effective moments are when he uses his right and left hands to do call and answer lines. This is something I want to incorporate into my playing.

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