New York Tendaberry

This is a clip of ‘New York Tendaberry’ performed by Billy Childs. It’s slower in comparison to what I normally post and listen to, and there’s a lot of open sound and space since it’s just solo piano.  A lot of the playing I found to be very chordal or arpeggiated.  I like how Childs can get a sort of rumbling intensity with repetition of his figures. For example around 2:20 and 4:50. Also, more specifically, the short motivic pattern around 1:45 caught my ear.  I thought the short style change around 2:40 was abrupt, yet liked it because it pulled me back into the solo. I noticed how Childs was able to explore the range of the piano more compared to pianists performing in groups, since it was only him on stage. Childs was able to capture a lot of drama in the contrast between heavy chords and arpeggiated figures against his softer melodic lines. I hope you guys enjoy the clip as I did.

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