Courses at Emory

Which courses does Emory offer with a focus on Indigenous studies and related topics?

Check out the list of Fall 2021 courses here.

Also, below is a partial list of regularly taught courses at Emory University:

AMST 348 Ethnic Experience in America

ANT 190 Indigenous Lives & Lands
ANT 280 Indigenous Peoples of North America
ANT 585 Decolonization Theory & Practice

ARTHIST 225 Art and Architecture of the Ancient Americas
ARTHIST 281 Art-Africa/Native Amer/Pacific 
ARTHIST 393/592 Arts of Teotihuacan and the Maya
ARTHIST 485RW/735 Materiality and the Senses in the Art of the Ancient Americas

ENG 181 Writing about Literature: Native Youth Speaking Out
ENG 210W Major Authors: Louise Erdrich
ENG 268W Literature and Activism
ENG 356W Native American Literature
ENG 381W Native American Women’s Literature
ENG 389W Intersections of Native American and African American Literature
ENG 389W/WGSS 385W Gender & Sexuality in Native American Literature

HIST 215 History of the American West
HIST 346 The Indian In American History
HIST 360 Colonial Lat American History

LACS 425W Colonial Medicine and Empire

LAW 626 Federal Indian Law

REL 319 Native American Religion

SPAN 460 Indigeneity in Greater Mexico