Reflections on Native American & Indigenous Engagement

Statement of Intent by Sierra Talavera-Brown ’23

Native American and Indigenous Engagement at Emory aims to create a system of dialogues, support, and resources to foster a stronger connection between Native American & Indigenous students, faculty, and allies at Emory and beyond.

As a Native American student at Emory, I view NAIE as a cultural, intellectual, and social home: an outlet for Native and Indigenous voices. NAIE values impactful community building and is inclusive to the spectrum of what it means to be Native today. We embrace collaboration and encourage the sharing of individual, local, and global Indigenous knowledge and experience. NAIE intends to promote awareness of Native cultures and shed light upon issues which face Indigenous communities across Indian Country and on campus.

Native American and Indigenous Engagement at Emory aspires to build a stronger appreciation for Native American and Indigenous contributions by sharing events, resources, and viewpoints.

We live in a moment of needed solidarity, where thoughtful coalition can inspire real change and reconciliation. Join us as we celebrate unity and intersectional dialogue!