Discussion Topics

Week 2

After reading and researching about Managing your Online Course, take a moment (or two) to reflect and describe what motivates you to want to teach in the online classroom. In what ways do you believe you will be effective and impact student learning in this medium of teaching? Next, write down one of the biggest concerns or challenges you think you will face when teaching online. Describe how you will address the concerns or challenges.


Week 4

Select one of the following prompts:

1. Assessment Strategies: As you develop (or enhance) your online/hybrid course, think of the variety of assessment techniques covered in this module. Recall that assessment ought to be developed in relationship to course concepts, problem solving, and critical thinking while fundamentally creating a learning-centered environment. With this in mind, formulate your approach and outline your assessment strategies in your online/hybrid course. Which of these assessment areas would you consider your current strengths? Where do you see opportunities for growth/improvement?

2. Learning-Centered Assessment: After reading the provided resources on self-evaluated and self-directed heutagogical learning, describe your initial thoughts about designing an entire online/blended course or even just an assignment around these ideas/methods. Will you (or have you) consider these approaches? Why or why not? If so, briefly outline your idea(s). The resources that were provided to you were just a start. Feel free to research more to gain additional traction on these types of assessment.


Week 7

For this week’s Communication Exemplar, complete the following activity and answer the questions in your post:

  • Have you heard about Open Educational Resources (OERs) before this module? In what context?
  • Perform research looking for OERs in your field. Choose from the main list of OER databases provided in the Read + Resources area.
  • What were you able to find any OERs that could be of value to your teaching?
  • What value do you see in OERs in educational settings?
  • How have you worked under the constraints of copyright when delivering content in your classes?
  • What additional questions about OERs and copyright do you have, in general?

4 thoughts on “Discussion Topics

  1. First to say: I apologize to all that I am only just posting for the first time now.
    What motivates me to teach online? Our School (of Nursing at Emory) has made the decision to try and address the upcoming disaster of health provider shortages in rural Georgia, particularly in maternal-child health. I don’t know if folks know that Georgia ranks #1 in the USA for maternal mortality, and #8 for infant mortality (most of which takes place in babies in the first 28 days of life). The mortality is focused disproportionately among low income African American women in rural areas or specific neighborhoods in urban areas. Also, the OB-Gyn providers in rural Georgia are retiring at a rapid rate, and so community hospitals with labor and delivery units are closing as well. There is a vast amount of evidence both in the US and globally that well-trained, well supported midwives can make a huge impact on decreasing maternal-newborn mortality. Emory is the only university in Georgia with an education program for nurse-midwives. The cost and the location of Emory makes it unlikely that nurses in rural Georgia would come to Emory. We are in process of developing an agreement with Valdosta State University nursing program that trains Family Nurse Practitioners to provide a post-master’s certificate online for nurse-midwifery – to build a midwifery workforce in rural Georgia. This has been the original impetus for my learning to teach online.

    How effective will I be online? My strengths in face to face teaching are some of the ones Lin, Dyer and Guo called for online: I provide multiple modes of communication, I enjoy giving students opportunities for reflection, and I try to give lots of guidance and praise. So, I hope to bring these to online teaching.

    That said, this online teaching is a whole new world to me, so as I learn to navigate the online teaching universe, I am still in the “self” mode of early profession teachers that Lin et al., spoke about. Their framework, the idea of the self first, then task, then impact really reminded me of Riva Rubin’s framework of becoming a mother. First, she is “taking in,” then “taking hold,” and finally “letting go.” So a new mother spends the first few days like a deer in the headlights, what is going on? What does my baby need? What do I need to do? Oh and by the way this is very exhausting and scary to have all this responsibility and will my baby be okay with me as a mother?” All that type stuff.
    Then the task phase is like the taking hold phase, getting organized, trying to get everything done, managed, worked out, etc.
    Finally the letting go phase, which is where the new mother functions as a mother with the bigger picture in mind, able to focus on the baby as a developmental being, how does the baby fit into the bigger family structure, etc. etc.
    So my biggest challenge is how to leap from a novice teacher online in the self or taking in stage, to a more sophisticated teacher where I can let go of the anxiety and begin to really focus on the impact for the learner in this new environment.

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