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Through the Open Access Publishing Fund, Emory joins other universities in the United States and Europe in offering its authors funding to assist with publication charges for OA journals and books. Any open access article or book published with support from this fund is also required to be submitted to OpenEmory, an open access repository of scholarly work by Emory faculty.

In 2020 the fund supported the work of more than 50 Emory faculty members, post-docs, researchers, and graduate and undergraduate students from more than 20 departments across the university.

Emory College of Arts and Sciences

Headshot of Catherine Cioffi smiling with medium length brown hair, wearing tortoise-shell glasses and a dark blue sweater.

Author: Catherine Cioffi, PhD Student

Co-Authors: Jean Welsh, Jessica A. Alvarez, Terry Hartman, K.M. Venkat Narayan, Miriam Vos Department: Nutrition and Health Sciences

Department: Nutrition and Health Sciences

Article: Associations of added sugar from all sources and sugar-sweetened beverages with regional fat deposition in U.S. adolescents: NHANES 1999-2006

Journal: Current Developments in Nutrition

Headshot of Robert Hampton smiling, with glasses and a beard, wearing a khaki colored blazer, light blue collared shirt, and patterned gold tie.

Author: Robert Hampton, Professor of Psychology

Co-Authors: Benjamin M. Basile, Victoria L. Templer, Regina Paxton Gazes

Department: Psychology

Article: Preserved visual memory and relational cognition performance in monkeys with selective hippocampal lesions

Journal: Science Advances

School of Nursing

Headshot of Jinbing Bai smiling with short black hair, wearing black rimmed glasses and white collared top with blue tie.

Author: Jinbing Bai, Assistant Professor

Co-Authors: Ileen Jhaney, Jessica Wells

Article: Developing a Reproducible Microbiome Data Analysis Pipeline Using the Amazon Web Services Cloud for a Cancer Research Group

Journal: JMIR Medical Informatics

School of Medicine

Headshot of Craig Jabaley smiling with glasses and short dark brown hair, wearing a white collared shirt.

Author: Craig Jabaley, Assistant Professor

Co-Authors: Vikas N. O’Reilly-Shah, Robert F. Groff, Theresa J. Barnes, Mark E. Caridi-Scheible, James Blum

Article: Sepsis information-seeking behaviors via Wikipedia between 2015 and 2018: a mixed methods retrospective observational study

Journal: PLoS One

Headshot of Joelle Karlik smiling with medium length red/orange hair, wearing a blue collared blouse, gold necklace, and blue droplet dangle earrings.

Author: Joelle Karlik, Assistant Professor

Co-Authors: Nikhila Raol, Laura Gilbertson

Article: Hypoglossal Nerve Stimulator Placement for Pediatric Trisomy 21 Patients with Refractory Obstructive Sleep Apnea: A Case Series

Journal: Children

Headshot of Suephy Chen smiling with medium length curly black hair, wearing a white lab coat with text Emory Healthcare on right side and Suephy Chen, MD, Dermatology in blue script above left breastpocket. Underneath is a patterned white shirt with black embroidery.

Author: Suephy Chen, Department of Dermatology Vice Chair

Co-Authors: Iviensan F. Manalo, Michael Lowe, Kelly C. Nelson

Article: Triple therapy with intralesional 5-fluorouracil, chemowraps, and acitretin: A well-tolerated option for treatment of widespread cutaneous squamous cell carcinomas on the legs

Journal: Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology (JAAD) Case Reports

Headshot of Chase Kwon with short black hair, wearing a dark blue blazer, white collared shirt, and dark blue tie with white line patterns.

Author: Chase Kwon, Resident Physician

Co-Authors: Rajini Murthy, Ragini Kudchadkar, Benjamin Stoff

Article: Pembrolizumab-Induced Lichen Planus Pemphigoides in a Patient with Metastatic Merkel Cell Carcinoma

Journal: Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology (JAAD) Case Reports

Headshot of Michael Carr smiling with short dark blonde hair, wearing a dark gray blazer, white collared shirt, and light blue tie patterned with dark blue dots.

Author: Michael J. Carr, Assistant Professor

Co-Authors: Cynthia Romero, Samuel Shartar

Article: Pericardial Tamponade After Systemic Alteplase in Stroke and Emergent Reversal with Tranexamic Acid

Journal: Western Journal of Emergency Medicine

Headshot of Jordan McQuilkin smiling with short brown hair, wearing a dark blueish-gray blazer with white collared shirt and tie checkered with gray and blue.

Author: Jordan McQuilkin, Resident

Co-Author: Maxwell Hockstein

Article: Woman with abdominal pain

Journal: Journal of the American College of Emergency Physicians Open

Headshot of Bisan Salhi smiling with short brown curly hair, wearing pearl stud earrings and an argyle v-neck sweater with white, gray, and pink patterning, and a light pink collared shirt underneath.

Author: Bisan A. Salhi, Assistant Professor

Co-Author: Peter J Brown

Article: Teaching Health as a Human Right in the Undergraduate Context: Challenges and Opportunities

Journal: Health and Human Rights Journal

Headshot of Matthew Collins slightly smiling, wearing a checkered red, white and blue colored shirt.

Author: Matthew H. Collins, Assistant Professor

Co-Authors: Jaime A. Cardona-Ospina, Valentina Henao-SanMartin, Wilmer F. Acevedo-Mendoza, Katherinn Melissa Nasner-Posso, Dayron F. Martinez-Pulgarin, Abril Restrepo-Lopez, Valentina Valencia-Gallego, Alfonso J. Rodriguez-Morales

Article: Fatal Zika virus infection in the Americas: A systematic review

Journal: International Journal of Infectious Diseases

Headshot of Jessica Fairley smiling widely with medium length blonde hair, a gray patterned dress, and iridescent blue jewelry.

Author: Jessica Fairley, Associate Professor

Co-Authors: Carter D. McCormick, Jacqueline Lea, Barbara M. Stryjewska, Ashton Thompson

Article: Trends of leprosy and multibacillary infection in the state of Georgia since the early 1900s

Journal: PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases

Headshot of Scott Fridkin smiling with medium short gray hair, medium gray shirt, and dark patterned tie.

Author: Scott Fridkin, Professor of Medicine

Co-Authors: William C. Dube, Jesse Jacob, Ziduo Zheng, Yijian Huang, Chad Robichaux, James Steinberg

Article: Comparison of rates of central line-associated bloodstream infection in patients with one vs. two central venous catheters

Journal: JAMA Network Open

Headshot of Boghuma Titanji smiling with green eyeshadow, black hair in braids, and a red sleeved top.

Author: Boghuma Kabisen Titanji, Resident

Co-Authors: Christina Gavegnano, Priscilla Hsue, Raymond Schinazi, Vincent Marconi

Article: Targeting Inflammation to Reduce Cardiovascular Risk in HIV 

Journal: Journal of the American Heart Association

Headshot of Andre Burnham smiling with medium short dark blonde hair, wearing a gray pullover and dark blue shirt. Photo taken at Hamilton College by Nancy L. Ford.

Author: Andre Burnham, Researcher

Co-Authors: Emily De Jong, Jayre A. Jones, Herman K. Lehman

Article: North American propolis extracts decrease Nosema ceranae (Microsporidia) spore levels in honey bees (Apis mellifera) 

Journal: Frontiers in Microbiology

Headshot of Elan Jenkins smiling with short brown hair and a beard, wearing a blue collared shirt and dark blue tie checkered with red lines.

Author: Elan Jenkins, Assistant Professor

Co-Author: Alyson R. Pierick

Article: A Case of Idiopathic Acquired Neonatal Bell’s Palsy

Journal: Journal of Investigative Medicine High Impact Case Reports

Anjali Kirpalani smiling with short gray hair, wearing a white lab coat with name and title emblazoned above the left breast pocket. Underneath is a pink collared shirt and dark blue patterned tie. Backdrop appears to be a classroom.

Author: Anjali Kirpalani, Assistant Professor

Co-Authors: Lindsay Weiss, Amanda Lansell, Janet Figueroa, Parminder Suchdev

Article: Declining prevalence of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus septic arthritis and osteomyelitis in children: implication for treatment

Journal: Antibiotics

Headshot of Rebecca Philipsborn smiling with medium-length brown hair, wearing a light gray cardigan and dark blue shirt with a multi-colored polished gemstone necklace.

Author: Rebecca Philipsborn, Assistant Professor

Co-Authors: Benjamin Rabin, Emaline Laney

Article: The Unique Role of Medical Students in Catalyzing Climate Change Education

Journal: Journal of Medical Education and Curricular Development

Headshot of Rabindra Tirouvanziam smiling with short black hair, wearing a dark colored zip-up cardigan and white collared shirt.

Author: Rabindra Tirouvanziam, Associate Professor

Co-Authors: Vincent D. Giacalone, Camilla Margaroli, Marcus A. Mall

Article: Neutrophil adaptations upon recruitment to the lung: new concepts and implications for homeostasis and disease

Journal: International Journal of Molecular Sciences

Dhruv Amratia smiling with short dark brown hair and wearing a red scholar's robe with black velvet detailing, holding a red four-cornered graduation cap and red and green hood. Underneath is a light blue colored shirt and patterned tie.

Author: Dhruv Amratia, Resident Physician

Co-Authors: William Hunt, David Neujahr, Srihari Veeraraghavan

Article: Incidentally Detected Malignancies in Lung Transplant Explants

Journal: Transplantation Direct

Headshot of Laurence Busse smiling with short, dark blonde hair, wearing a white labcoat emblazoned with Dr. L. Busse, Critical Care Medicine in blue above the left breastpocket. Underneath is a light yellow collared shirt and slightly darker yellow tie dotted with light blue.

Author: Laurence Busse, Assistant Professor

Co-Authors: Nicholas Barker, Christopher Petersen

Article: Vasoplegic Syndrome Following Cardiothoracic Surgery – Review of Pathophysiology and Update of Treatment Options

Journal: Critical Care

Headshot of Gregory Martin smiling with short blonde-ish hair and glasses, wearing a dark colored blazer, light blue colored shirt, and dark red patterned tie.

Author: Gregory Martin, Professor of Medicine

Co-Authors: Sarina K. Sahetya, Christopher Mallow, Jonathan Sevransky, Timothy D. Girard, Roy G. Brower, William Checkley

Article: Association between hospital mortality and inspiratory airway pressures in mechanically ventilated patients without acute respiratory distress syndrome: a prospective cohort study

Journal: Critical Care

Headshot of Arash Samarghandi slightly smiling, with short brown hair, wearing a white collared shirt and a dark blue tie striped with light blue.

Author: Arash Samarghandi, Physician

Co-Authors: Octavian Ioachimescu, Rehan Qayyum

Article: Association between peak inspiratory flow rate and hand grip muscle strength in hospitalized patients with acute exacerbation of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Journal: PLoS One

Headshot of Dimy Fluyau smiling, wearing a dark blue or black blazer and a light orange shirt with brighter orange tie.

Author: Dimy Fluyau, Assistant Professor

Co-Authors: Paroma Mitra, Kervens Lorthe

Department: Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Article: Antipsychotics for Amphetamine Psychosis. A Systematic Review

Journal: Frontiers in Psychiatry

Headshot of Manila Gaddh smiling with medium-length curled black hair, wearing a dark gray blazer and black shirt.

Author: Manila Gaddh, Associate Professor

Co-Authors: En Cheng, Maha A. T. Elsebaie, Imre Bodó

Department: Hematology and Medical Oncology

Article: Clinical Utilization and Cost of Thrombophilia Testing in Patients with Venous Thromboembolism

Journal: TH Open

Headshot of Brent Gawey smiling with short brown hair, wearing a white medical coat emblazoned with Brent Gawey in blue cursive text above the left pocket. Underneath Brent wears a light blue, checkered collared shirt with a baby blue tie.

Author: Brent Gawey, Fellow

Co-Author: Manasi Tannu, Jeeyon Rim, Laurence Sperling, Tracey Henry

Department: Clinical & Translational Science

Article: Statin Induced Necrotizing Autoimmune Myopathy

Journal: Journal of the American College of Cardiology (JACC): Case Reports

Headshot of Christopher Kinter smiling with short, side-swept brown hair, wearing a dark blue blazer, white collored shirt, and dark red tie patterned with white plus signs.

Author: Christopher W. Kinter, Resident Physician

Co-Authors: Annie H. Ho, John Wight, Anudeep R. Neelam, David Krakow

Department: Orthopaedics

Article: Droxidopa as an effective treatment for refractory neurogenic orthostatic hypotension and reflex bradycardia in amyloid light-chain amyloidosis

Journal: Journal of Medical Case Reports

Headshot of Julia Massaad smiling with medium length brown hair and a white top.

Author: Julia Massaad, Assistant Professor

Co-Authors: Sobia Mujtaba, Saurabh Chawla

Department: Gastroenterology

Article: Diagnosis and Management of Non-Variceal Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage: A Review of Current Guidelines and future Perspectives

Journal: Journal of Clinical Medicine

Avatar indicating no photo: light gray background and white circular shapes representing a person's head and torso.

Author: Sabrina Nu, Fellow

Co-Authors: Mary A. Fernandes, Adriana Ioachimescu, Suzanne Penna

Department: Neuropsychology

Article: Neuropsychological and Emotional Functioning in Patients with Cushing’s Syndrome

Journal: Behavioral Neurology

Headshot of Mallory Raymond smiling with medium length, light brown hair and a dark colored shirt.

Author: Mallory Raymond, Resident Physician

Co-Authors: Annika C. Lee, Lindsey M. Schader, Renee Moore, Nikhila R. Raol, Esther Vivas

Department: Otolaryngology

Article: Practices and Perceptions of Cognitive Assessment for Adults with Age-Related Hearing Loss

Journal: Laryngoscope Investigative Otolaryngology

Headshot of Emily Trautner smiling with short blonde hair and a light beige blazer over a black shirt.

Author: Emily Trautner, Resident

Co-Authors: Megan McCool Myers, Andrea Joyner

Department: Gynecology and Obstetrics

Article: Knowledge and practice of induction of lactation in trans women among professionals working in trans health

Journal: International Breastfeeding Journal

Rollins School of Public Health

Headshot of Milkie Vu smiling against waterscape backdrop, with short black hair, wearing a patterned beige scarf, pearl earrings, and light colored sweater.

Author: Milkie Vu, Doctoral Student

Co-Author: Elizabeth Thai Thanh Do

Article: A qualitative study on gutka and paan masala use among Bhutanese and Burmese migrants in Georgia

Journal: PLoS One

Headshot of Dana Williamson smiling with styled black hair, chin resting on hand, wearing a black blazer and white v-neck top.

Author: Dana Williamson, Doctoral student

Co-Authors: Emma X. Yu, Candis M. Hunter, John A. Kaufman, Kelli Komro, Na’Taki Osborne Jelks, Dayna A. Johnson, Matthew Gribble, Michelle Kegler

Article: A scoping review of capacity-building efforts to address environmental justice concerns

Journal: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

Headshot of Allison Chamberlain slightly smiling in front of a window with short blonde wavy hair, wearing a light blue blazer and white top.

Author: Allison Chamberlain, Research Assistant Professor

Co-Authors: Susanna L. Trost, Udodirim N. Onwubiko, Derick B. Wilson, David Holland

Article: Healthcare-seeking behaviors and perceptions of provider-initiated discussion of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) among PrEP-naive HIV-negative men who have sex with men (MSM) in Atlanta, Georgia

Journal: Open Forum Infectious Diseases

Headshot of Benjamin Lopman slightly smiling with short gray hair and a patterened gray and white button-up collared top, against a backdrop of an Emory University building and trees.

Author: Benjamin Lopman, Professor

Co-Authors: Julia M. Baker, Jacqueline E. Tate, Juan Leon, Michael Haber

Article: Anti-rotavirus IgA seroconversion rates in children who receive concomitant oral poliovirus vaccine

Journal: PLoS Medicine

Headshot of Izraelle McKinnon smiling with black natural hair, wearing tortoise shell glasses and a light collared top.

Author: Izraelle McKinnon, PhD Student

Co-Authors: Aun Lor, Dabney Evans

Article: An Assessment of Human Rights-Based Approaches to Health Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices Among Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Locally Employed Staff

Journal: Health and Human Rights Journal

Headshot of Laura Plantinga smiling with shoulder-length brown hair, wearing a dark blazer and coral red button-up top with small gold loop earrings.

Author: Laura Plantinga, Assistant Professor

Co-Authors: Rachel L. Snyder, Bernard G. Jaar, Janice Lea

Article: Association of patient-reported difficulty with adherence and actual non-adherence with treatment recommendations among hemodialysis patients

Journal: Patient Preference and Adherence

Headshot of Anne Spaulding smiling with shoulder-length curled blonde hair, wearing a dark blazer and dark patterned top.

Author: Anne Spaulding, Assistant Professor

Co-Authors: Junyu Chen, Carolyn A. Mackey, Madeline G. Adee, Chava J. Bowden, W. David Selvage, Karla A. Thornton

Article: Assessment and Comparison of Hepatitis C Viremia in the Prison Systems of New Mexico and Georgia: Heterogeneous Prevalence Patterns

Journal: JAMA Network Open

Headshot of Shakira Suglia smiling with curly black hair, wearing glasses, pearl earrings, and a patterned top

Author: Shakira F. Suglia, Associate Professor

Co-Authors: Erin R. Kulick, Jocelyn Brown

Article: Childhood Adversities and Prior Involvement with Child Protective Services

Journal: Injury Epidemiology

Lauren Young-McCullough smiling widely mid-speech, wearing a dark denim jacket and pink drawstring top with large colorful dangle earrings, curly black hair pulled into a top bun. One hand rests on the other's wrist near a chunky beaded bangle, both hands resting atop a spiral notebook.

Author: Lauren Young-McCullough, Assistant Professor

Co-Authors: Lindsay J. Collin, Ming Yan, Renjian Jiang, Kevin C. Ward, Brittany Crawford, Mylin Torres, Keerthi Gogineni, Preeti D. Subhedar, Samantha Puvanesarajah, Mia M. Gaudet

Article: Oncotype DX recurrence score implications for disparities in chemotherapy and breast cancer mortality in Georgia

Journal: NPJ Breast Cancer

Headshot of Dabney Evans against a backdrop of green leaves, smiling with medium length brown hair and bangs/fringe, wearing a red shirt patterned with green and white embroidery.

Author: Dabney Evans, Assistant Professor

Co-Author: Casey D. Xavier Hall

Department: Global Health

Article: Social Comorbidities? A qualitative study mapping syndemic theory onto gender-based violence and co-occurring social phenomena among Brazilian women

Journal: BMC Public Health

Headshot of Emma Rary smiling with short curly brown hair, wearing a dark green blazer and black shirt.

Author: Emma Rary, Fellow

Co-Authors: Sarah M. Anderson, Brandon D. Philbrick, Tanvi Suresh, Jasmine Burton

Department: Environmental Health

Article: Smart Sanitation: A Rapid Literature Review on Biosensors as a Public Health Tool in Sanitation Infrastructure

Journal: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health