The Emory Center for Digital Scholarship (ECDS) supports and sustains a growing list of digital publications—ranging from scholarly journals and monographs to art exhibition catalogs and research databases—all of which are published open access. ECDS also supports OA publishing through developing open source platforms such as OpenTour Builder, a walking tour app for laptops and mobile devices, and Readux, an annotation tool for scholarly editions and collections.

Featured publications

Atlanta Studies

Atlanta Studies is an open access, multimedia web-based journal that “publishes articles, blog posts, book reviews, and videos from the scholars, writers, artists, and activists who are writing the next chapters in our city’s story. Examining Atlanta from a wide range of perspectives, we offer thoughtful analyses of the metro region’s past and present for a public audience.”

Journal of Humanities in Rehabilitation

JHR is a peer-reviewed, multimedia, open access journal whose purpose is “to raise the consciousness and deepen the intellect of the humanistic relationship in the rehabilitation sciences. Our mission is to encourage dialogue among rehabilitation professionals, patients, families and caregivers that describe the human condition as it experiences the impact of illness or disability. We hope to highlight and illustrate the special relationship between the patient and rehabilitation provider, as well as provide a venue for scholarly discourse on topics that focus on rehabilitation from the uniquely human perspective that patients and providers share.  We also seek to critically examine the social-cultural assumptions underpinning rehabilitation.”


Screenshot of Nonsite is an online, open access, peer-reviewed quarterly journal of scholarship in the humanities, plus poetry, editorials, reviews, visual art and more. also features “The Tank,” a forum for comment on provocative new scholarly work.

Practical Matters

Practical Matters is a multimedia, trans-disciplinary, trans-sector academic journal that “critically engages the nexus of practical theology and religious practices. We seek to place in conversation religious studies scholars, practical theologians, and religious practitioners by publishing compelling and innovative articles and mixed media projects around diverse themes such as Journey, Imagination, Ethnography, and Violence. In doing so, we have built a unique academic space where religious practitioners and scholars can engage in robust dialogue around all aspects of practice, pedagogy, and scholarship.  Pushing the boundaries of both the study of religious practices and the discipline of practical theology, Practical Matters publishes a variety of media and genres, illuminating each of these areas and drawing connections between them.”

Sacred Matters

Sacred Matters features articles, commentaries, podcasts, and other media that “bring sacred notions and activities often excluded from conversations about religion and spirituality to the fore. The scope of topics is expansive but culture-bound, so everything from science to popular culture; theology to sexuality; drugs to the environment–and more–is covered.”

Southern Spaces

Southern Spaces is a peer-reviewed, multimedia, open access journal that publishes “articles, photo essays and images, reviews, presentations, and short videos about real and imagined spaces and places of the US South and their global connections. We intend our audience to be researchers and teachers, students in and out of classrooms, library patrons, and interested readers.”