April is National Poetry Month!

National Poetry Monthcopy

Join us at Oxford College Library as we celebrate National Poetry Month!

Select poetry books are on display for your reading pleasure. May we suggest Gregory Pardlo’s Digest, winner of the 2015 Pulitzer Prize?

We have several activities planned for the week of April 4-8:

Exquisite Corps Poetry: You’ll find the beginnings of a poem on a whiteboard by the information desk. Add to it and let’s see what we create together!

Sidewalk Chalk Haikus: On Tuesday, April 5, at 4 PM, we are doing a haiku power hour outside with chalk on the patio between Phi Gamma and the Library. We invite you to write your favorite haiku or create one on the spot!

Poetry Puzzle: Each day, there will be snippets from a poem ready for you to unscramble. If you succeed, you will get a free coffee from our Starbucks machine!

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