Muggles Beware, Solving the Mystery of a Death in The Library

The Oxford Library provided a bit of fun, and a surprise twist, for students with a Harry Potter themed end of the semester party. Students were expecting an evening of food and games with the slight possibility of a surprise or two. This illusion was quickly erased when the “murder” of a featured guest was exposed and the houses were tasked with finding and solving a series of mysterious clues located throughout the library. Prefects acted as guides to lead a house and the professors worked to present clues for particular rooms. The search culminated in a meeting with Death, the ultimate arbitrator of guilt and innocence.

A great deal of effort and thoughtfulness created this special event through collaborative Google Docs, including a script, character profiles, maps, clue lists tied to library resources, and props. The Oxford Library staff and a number of library student workers also assisted in making this a memorable evening.

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