MEMORYs at your Fingertips!

An 80-year span of The Memory, Oxford College’s yearbook through the decades, is now digitized, browsable, and directly available for viewing on the Oxford College Library homepage as a part of the Emory University Archives.  In addition, Emory College years on the Oxford campus are accessible as intermittently published (1893-1910).

Why is this exciting? This project is a paperless answer to the drudgery of transporting heavy, bulky yearbooks to share Oxford memories! Just a few clicks on the Library homepage will allow you complete access for historical research, a list of your former classmates, clubs, sports, professors—all browsable in PDF form.   You don’t have to personally own or borrow multiple yearbooks to search for that photo of the Cow in Seney in 1951, a photo of Dooley’s Casket in the 1982 yearbook, or The Memory from 2001 featuring the ground-breaking ceremony for the Tarbutton Performing Arts Center. Yearbooks are now literally at your fingertips to find pics of classmates when planning a reunion, or you can scroll through multiple decades gathering historical research, or take a trip down Memory Lane just for fun!

No More Lugging Memorys to share memories!   It’s all paperless and at your fingertips on the Oxford College Library Homepage!  Check it out at HERE!


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