Oxford College Library Welcomes New Librarians

This past May, the Oxford College Library welcomed not one, but two new Teaching and Learning Librarians to its ranks. Savannah (Paige) Crowl and Anne Le-Huu Pineault have spent the summer helping the library’s staff prepare for the upcoming school year and the implementation of 30 new Discovery Seminar courses at Oxford, which are supported by the library’s team of teaching librarians.

Just this week, the library also welcomed a new Head of Library Teaching and Outreach, Adrienne Button, who will be overseeing the library’s instructional program and outreach to faculty.

Read below to learn about our new librarians! 


Paige Crowl, a San Diego native, comes to Oxford College from the Emory family in Atlanta as the former Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery Specialist at the Pitts Theology Library.   Paige is an Emory University graduate who majored in Environmental Sciences with a minor in Political Science.  She served for two years as a research assistant in the Department of Environmental Sciences at Emory and worked in the Pitts Theology Library for four years as a student.  Paige holds an Master of Library and Information Science from the University of Illinois. 

Paige brings a variety of diverse experiences to Oxford.  She has been a ballroom dance instructor and is a crafty knitter and jewelry maker.  She studied the Georgia barrier islands in support of the mapping needs of the Georgia Coast Atlas and researched the economic opportunity offered by invasive lionfish in the US Virgin Islands.  These experiences reaffirmed her zeal for the natural sciences and fueled her passion for interdisciplinary projects and study.  

“I learned that teaching people ways to make their work and research easier is incredibly fulfilling. It’s so wonderful to see someone’s work grow from a concept to a finished product.  We empower people to find information, take it into their own hands, and go out and change the world with it!”

Paige said she has always been impressed with the initiative and skills of Oxford alumni and is honored to be a part of that innovative tradition.   Through her work as Teaching and Learning Librarian at Oxford, she looks forward to enhancing information literacy at Oxford College by inspiring and supporting research in the sciences and digital humanities.   Welcome, Paige!


Oxford’s Teaching and Learning Librarian, Anne Le-Huu Pineault was formerly the Management Librarian at the University of Ottawa. Anne received her BA in Liberal Arts and English from Concordia University and her Master of Library and Information Science from the University of Montreal. As a student, she was an intern in the Assessment and User Experience department at Duke University’s Perkins Library and worked at the Webster Library at Concordia. She is fluent in English and French.

“A desire to contribute to making information accessible and to foster critical thinking skills, as well as my lifelong fondness for libraries, initially brought me to librarianship,” Anne said. She discovered her love for teaching after having the opportunity to give an instruction session as a Student Librarian at Concordia University. “Later, also in Montreal, I had the opportunity to teach French as a second Language to recent immigrants, further solidifying my interest in instruction.”

Anne looks forward to contributing to the assessment work undertaken by Oxford Library’s Research Practices Instruction Team, and to helping promote inclusive and innovative pedagogy within the library and across campus.

Anne loves reading in her spare time paired with a glass of natural wine, and has a new hobby—exploring small towns around Oxford! Stop by the library and give Anne some recommendations of interesting areas to visit. Welcome to Oxford, Anne!


Adrienne Button Harmer, the library’s new Head of Library Teaching and Outreach, comes to us with eleven years of experience as Associate Professor and Instruction Coordinator for the Kaufman Library at Georgia Gwinnett College. In addition, she also served at the Assistant Department Head of Research Services.  At Georgia Gwinnett, she led adeptly in the role of information literacy—the program design, planning, development, implementation and assessment, and taught courses in First-Year Seminar, Introduction to Information in the 21stCentury, and Library Reference and Instruction. 

Adrienne, a resident of Cumming, received her BA in History from the University of Georgia, a MLIS in Information Literacy and Research Services from the University of South Florida, a Graduate Certificate in Media Studies from the University of West Georgia, a M.S. in First-Year Studies from Kennesaw State University, and is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Lifelong Learning, Leadership, & Organization Development at the University of Georgia. 

Her teaching and research interests include integrating information literacy on campus, first-year student development, student success in college, academic and scholarly mindset, and students in transition.    In addition to numerous service appointments, memberships, and leadership roles within Georgia Gwinnett College and the Kaufman Library, Adrienne currently co-chairs the Atlanta Regional Council for Higher Education-Information Literacy Committee, and is the Information Director for the Academy for Process Education. 

“I have had the pleasure of attending the Institute for Pedagogy in the Liberal Arts for a number of years,” said Adrienne,  “and have always been impresssed with the work that is being done on your campus and in your library.”    She whole-heartedly supports Oxford’s designation of Teaching Librarians due to the work and role of the academic librarian in higher education.  She looks forward to leading our library’s efforts to support the college’s Discovery Seminars. 

Adrienne loves to travel, especially in the Caribbean, bakes a mean batch of chocolate chip cookies, plays trivia every week, and hosts a game night every other month with friends. Her first day is August 20th. Drop by the library to welcome her to campus!


Welcome, Paige, Anne, and Adrienne!

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