Scavenger Extravaganza!


On Tuesday, many  intrepid new Candler students participated in a Pitts Theology Library tour and scavenger hunt. While exploring the many spaces and faces of the library, students also practiced a number of useful library skills. There is still time to join one of four tours on Friday afternoon: simply sign up using this link for tour registration, or just show up!

Many exciting opportunities await, including:

finding a reserve book

Evernote Snapshot 20150818 114429

navigating the reference section:

Evernote Snapshot 20150818 135242

learning how to use the scanners:

IMG_20150818_115234.296 IMG_20150818_115123.539

exploring special collections:

Evernote Snapshot 20150818 135604

and stretching your creative muscles with book spine poetry!

Evernote Snapshot 20150818 140239


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