Pitts Closed on 5/28 for Memorial Day

Pitts Theology Library will be closed on Monday, May 28th, in observance of Memorial Day. The library will re-open at 7:30am on Tuesday, May 29th. For all Pitts hours, visit http://pitts.emory.edu/hours. Happy Memorial Day!

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Summer Reading, vol. 1: Tony Alonso

Despite what the calendar may say, it is most definitely summer here in Atlanta—this means curling up at the pool (or in the A/C) with some summer reading! Over the course of the next few weeks, this blog will introduce you to a diverse array of recommendations for your bookshelf and iPhone from staff members at Pitts and faculty members at the Candler school of Theology.

Our first recommendations come from Dr. Tony Alonso, recent graduate of Emory’s Graduate Division of Religion and Director of the Catholic Studies Program at Candler. Dr. Alonso is an internationally renowned composer in addition to his scholarly work on worship and ritual practices!

Dr. Alonso proudly displays what he terms his “nerdiness” and first recommends a new (and “totally nerdy”) podcast about beloved Catholic liturgical music called “Open Your Hymnal”: https://openyourhymnal.com. You can enliven your daily commute or summer road trip with a foray into Catholic hymnody, since each episode features an interview with a composer about a particular hymn!

If you are a history buff interested in church councils, Dr. Alonso recommends owning the full trilogy of John O’Malley books on major councils, particular his newest new book on Vatican I: Vatican I: The Council and the Making of the Ultramontane Church.

If you’re in the mood for an inspirational read, Dr. Alonso believes you could do no better than the work of American Jesuit Greg Boyle, who has just put out a sequel to his wildly popular Tattoos on the Heart, entitled Barking to the Choir: The Power of Radical Kinship. Both texts grew out of Boyle’s work combatting violence in Los Angeles. According to Dr. Alonso, this new book is “heartwarming and perfect for light summer reading”!

If you happen to be in Atlanta in 2019, Dr. Alonso also recommends reading anything by Elizabeth Johnson, who just retired from Fordham and who will be giving a Catholic Studies lecture next spring at Candler. Make sure you visit this blog next week for more summer reading suggestions!

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Library Summer Break Hours

Beginning on Wednesday, May 9th, Pitts will be on summer break hours. The library will be open Monday-Friday, 7:30am-5:00pm, and we will be closed all weekends. For a full listing of hours, including summer holidays, visit http://pitts.emory.edu/hours.

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Pitts is in Finals-Mode

As we approach the end of the Spring Semester, the staff of Pitts Theology Library wishes you well on your upcoming work and invites you to rely on the spaces and the resources of the library to help you do your best. As we move into the Finals period, there are a few changes to our practices and policies, designed to help you succeed. Please be aware of the following, and please contact us (http://pitts.emory.edu/ask) if you have any questions. Good luck with your work!

  • Extended Hours: From Monday 4/30 through Tuesday 5/8, the library will extend its hours. Opening hours will stay the same, but the library will stay open additional hours at night. For full hours, please visit http://pitts.emory.edu/hours. Please note that the building locks soon after the library closes, so all students will need to leave the Candler School of Theology building complex when the library closes. There are 24-hour study spaces on campus, particularly the Woodruff Library (http://web.library.emory.edu/using-the-library/visiting-the-library/hours/).
  • Silent Study Space: From Monday 4/30 through Tuesday 5/8, the library will be a silent study space. We ask that all patrons respect their colleagues and go outside the library for any conversations.
  • Pitts Hospitality: During Finals, the library becomes a popular study place for all members of the Emory community. As a part of the Emory community, the library is open to all Emory faculty, students, and staff, and during Finals we often welcome many new patrons to the library. We encourage all to extend hospitality to one another, sharing tables and assistance in the space, while alerting the library staff to any problematic behavior. For our building use policies, please visit http://pitts.emory.edu/policies.
  • Snacks Only: Due to higher library use, we make extra efforts to keep the space clean for our patrons and safe for our books. Please remember our food and drink policy, which allows only small snacks that don’t create a mess or odors and only drinks in spill-proof containers. In addition, we ask that you clean up after yourself and alert staff to any spills or clutter needing attention. Please also be aware of how you are disposing of your waste, using the proper recycling and compost receptacles.
  • Extra Study Space: The library is happy to open extra study space for students during this busy time. The 3rd Floor Lecture Hall (Room 360) and the 3rd Floor Large Group Study Rooms (Rooms 368 and 369) will be open as a study space from Monday 4/30 through Tuesday 5/8. If you would like to learn about study space at Pitts, visit http://pitts.emory.edu/map.
  • Advanced Booking for Small Group Study Rooms: The 7 small group study rooms are popular during Finals, and so we encourage Candler students to book them early. For Finals, we have extended the advance booking time to 14 days so that you can book now for any day of the Finals period. You can read the room policies and make reservations online at http://pitts.emory.edu/rooms.
  • Let us Know How We’re Doing: Each year the library staff works hard to adjust policies and practices to make the library a welcoming space for good work. If you like what you see or notice something that you think we could do better, please let us know.
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Schedule a Research Consultation

Do you have a research paper due this term? Do you want to find the best sources for your topic? Schedule a research consultation! Our reference librarians will work with you to help you find the best strategies and sources for your research project.

To book an appointment, stop by the reference desk, call us at 404-727-0645, or contact us online at http://pitts.emory.libanswers.com/. We look forward to meeting with you!

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African Christianity Exhibition Reception

On Thursday, April 12, from 6:30 – 8:30 pm, all are invited to an evening reception in the Pitts lecture hall (CST 360) celebrating the exhibition “Expressions and Encounters: Experiencing the Histories of African Christianity through the Archives of Pitts Theology Library.” From 7:00 – 8:00 pm, curator Jennifer Aycock and Candler professors Dr. Jehu Hanciles and Dr. Arun Jones will offer remarks on the exhibition. From 6:30 – 7:00 and 8:00 – 8:30 pm, guests will have the opportunity to tour the exhibition with the curator and Pitts docents available to answer questions.

All are invited to register at https://form.jotform.com/80704413444147. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Easter Break Hours

Pitts Theology Library will be closed Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (3/30-4/1) in observance of the Easter holiday. If you’re in search of online exegetical resources during that time, check out this handy guide that we’ve designed!

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Easter Resources in the DIA

As Holy Week approaches, the to-do lists get longer and the time gets shorter! Even though it isn’t, strictly speaking, the “good news” of this liturgical season, Pitts does have some good news! You can cross at least one item off your list by finding bulletin and program images in the Pitts Digital Image Archive. In addition to the regular character search features, you can also search the database by scripture verse, streamlining the search process.
You can find almost 600 images that engage the crucifixion in the DIA database, including this representation of Jesus as the “Man of Sorrows” in the title page to one of Martin Luther’s sermons on the suffering of Christ. Try searching for the term “crucifixion” or “cross” or even “suffering” and “Christ.” Each DIA entry will include a brief description of the image as well as information about the original source of the image, which we hope can help you and your parishoners engage the biblical texts in new ways.

In keeping with the cyclical nature of the Holy Week events, there are also a number of images relating to the joy of the resurrection! One particularly beautiful find is this stunning 15th century woodcut pulling from the Mark 16 version of the Easter story (the lion at Christ’s feet is the iconographic representation of the evangelist Mark).

You can also find images that highlight the women present at the crucifixion and the resurrection events, such as the 16th c. woodcut to the right. Bottom line: the DIA is a rich resource that we hope will enhance you Holy Week programs (and many other aspects of your church’s print material as well)!

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Exhibition on African Christianity

March 23 marks the opening of the Pitts exhibition “Expressions and Encounters: Experiencing the Histories of African Christianity through the Archives of Pitts Theology Library.” Curated by GDR student Jennifer Aycock, the exhibition will provide students and researchers glimpses into the diverse collections held by Pitts Theology Library that may be used in telling the histories of African Christianity. The exhibition will display periodicals, monographs, sacred texts, missionary correspondence, and church archives selected from Pitts’ Sub-Saharan African Collection in order to suggest ways that the Sub-Saharan African collection, along with Emory’s other resources and holdings, invite multiple trajectories of research on African Christianity.

The exhibition will run until July 20, 2018. All are invited to view the exhibition any time the library is open. We are also pleased to offer tours. Tour groups meet at the library entrance. Please register at the links below:

Pending docent availability, we can arrange tours at other times during library hours as well. To arrange a tour, please contact Hannah Parks at hcparks [at] emory [dot] edu.

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Library Spring Break Hours

Due to Emory’s Spring Break, the library will be on shortened hours this week. From Monday, March 12th, through Friday, March 16th, the library will be open 7:30am through 5:00pm. The library will then be closed on Saturday, March 17th, and Sunday, March 18th. For a full listing of library hours, visit http://pitts.emory.edu/hours. Happy Spring Break!

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