EBOLA: People + Public Health + Political Will Digital Exhibition Now Available Online

Georgia State University and Emory University, in collaboration with the David J. Sencer CDC Museum at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, announce the online exhibition EBOLA: People + Public Health + Political Will

Developed by the CDC Museum in 2017, EBOLA: People + Public Health + Political Will explores the history of Ebola in West Africa, 2014-2016, and how CDC, global partners, governments, organizations, and individuals came together to stop an epidemic.

The digital format of this in-depth exhibition allows access to wider audiences, and enriches the experience with additional features, such as relevant documents and oral histories, a virtual tour, 3D objects, and interactive maps. Relevant lesson plans and curriculums will be added as they are developed.  

Exploring the 2014-16 Ebola epidemic and the global response resonates today in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Challenges and lessons learned from Ebola echo in the current response, such as contact tracing, the importance of infection and prevention control, and training healthcare workers.

EBOLA: People + Public Health + Political Will was collaboratively produced by a team of faculty, staff, and students from three different institutions in Atlanta: the David J. Sencer CDC Museum, Georgia State University, and Emory University. This includes Pitts Theology Library’s own Systems and Digital Scholarship Librarian, Spencer Roberts!

For further information, please contact Brennan Collins (brennan [at] gsu [dot] edu) at GSU and Spencer Roberts (swroberts [at] emory [dot] edu) at Emory.


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Fall 2020 Weekly Webinars

Wondering how to get started on your midterm papers? In this week’s Research 101 webinar, Pitts reference librarians will walk you through the research process, give you tips for optimizing the Emory catalog and databases, and teach you the habits of mind you’ll need to be an effective researcher. This webinar is open to all Emory affiliates and will be especially relevant to Candler students, research assistants, and doctoral candidates in the Laney Graduate Division of Religion. In addition, we welcome non-Emory community members with our new, accessible virtual format! Register at https://www.bigmarker.com/pitts-theology-libra…/Research-101.

Check out other upcoming webinars at pitts.emory.edu/fall2020workshops, or find details below.

Research 101 | Wednesday September 16 | 12pm EST
In this webinar, Pitts reference librarians will walk you through the research process, give you tips for optimizing the Emory catalog and databases, and teach you the habits of mind you’ll need to be an effective researcher. This webinar is open to all Emory students and will be especially relevant to Candler students, research assistants, and doctoral students in the Graduate Division of Religion.
Register Now

Reading for Writing | Wednesday September 23 | 12pm EST
In this webinar, Pitts librarians will introduce you to the tools of academic reading. By using the tips and tricks in this webinar, you’ll be soaring through your readings in no time!
Register Now

Information Overload: Deciphering, Analyzing, and Synthesizing Information | Wednesday October 7 | 12pm EST
This webinar will introduce you to key components of information literacy and help you develop skills to identify, process, and organize all of the information you pick up at Candler and elsewhere. Learn how to develop habits for information consumption that will go with you beyond your time at Candler.
Register Now

Exegesis: What is it and how do I do it?| Wednesday October 14| 12pm EST
In this webinar, we’ll explore what exegesis is, and just as importantly what it isn’t, before turning to the techniques and tools you need to engage in exegesis.
Register Now

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Kessler Conversations 2020

Pitts was delighted to host Professor Anna M. Johnson in the library’s inaugural Kessler Conversation with over 70 attendees last week! In case you missed this insightful session on “Christian Ethics in Times of Plague,” you can view the recording on demand from the comfort of your own home.

Don’t forget to register for the next two installments in this fall’s Kessler Conversation series on “disease, healing, and pastoral care in the 16th century,” in addition to the live streamed Reformation Day Worship Service led by Bishop Leila M. Ortiz of the Metropolitan Washington, D.C., Synod of the ELCA. View details and sign up for free at pitts.emory.edu/reformationday.

Professor Erik HeinrichsPlague in the Reformation Era

A Kessler Conversation with Professor Erik Heinrichs, Associate Professor of History, Winona State University

Wednesday, October 7, Noon EDT | Register Now

Bishop Ortiz

Reformation Day Worship Service

Bishop Leila M. Ortiz, of the Metropolitan Washington, D.C., Synod of the ELCA will preach at the Reformation Day Service.

Thursday, Octboer 29, 11am EDT | Watch Live Stream


Professor Ronald Rittgers

The Reformation of Suffering

A Kessler Conversation with Professor Ronald Rittgers, Erich Markel Chair in German Reformation Studies and Professor of History and Theology, Valparaiso University

Wednesday, November 4, Noon EDT | Register Now


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Pitts Closed for Labor Day

Please note that Pitts Theology Library will be closed Monday, September 7 in observance of the Labor Day holiday. Remote and on site services will resume on Tuesday, September 8. For all Pitts hours, visit http://pitts.emory.edu/hours. Happy Labor Day!

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Recommended Reading from Dr. Nichole Phillips

This week marks the 57th anniversary of the historic March on Washington, and today the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s delivery of his “I Have a Dream” speech. In commemoration of this important day in history, Dr. Nichole R. Phillips, Associate Professor in the Practice of Sociology of Religion and Culture and Director of Black Church Studies, provides suggested readings for both Emory students, faculty, staff, and the community at large.

First, Dr. Phillips suggests Arlie Russell Hochschild’s, Strangers in their Own Land: Anger and Mourning on the American Right. This New York Times Bestseller recounts this renowned, liberal and highly educated sociologist’s journey into the heart of a southern “red” state to speak with conservative Tea Partyers and supporters of Trump. She not only encounters white working class individuals with feelings, strong feelings about American democracy but through deep listening is able to offer a counter-portrait of people often characterized as voting against their self-interests. By exploring the nation’s political divide and questioning how to move forward, the novel also becomes an examination of race in America. Emory users can find this item online in the library catalog.

The second text Dr. Phillips recommend is James Cone’s, The Cross and The Lynching Tree, a powerful text about the similarities between the Cross and the Lynching Tree. Both serve as highly charged symbols in the history of America, while both also reveal much about the historical relationship between whites and blacks in America. Find this item in Pitts Theology Library’s circulating collection.

Finally, we draw attention to Nichole Phillips’ own publication, Patriotism Black and White: The Color of American Exceptionalism. This book tackles black and white racialized experiences of American national identity and “what makes America great” from the eyes of a rural and southern community made up of a majority whites and blacks. Exploring macrostructural changes in the U.S. precipitated by two wars and the election of the first president of African descent, the text captures how patriotism and sacrificial service to the nation, funds what it means to be American, while foreshadowing its meaning for “black lives matter”-ing and contemporary times. Find this item in several locations at Emory Libraries.

Curious how to get your hands on chapters of these books or the books themselves during Covid-19? Check out the instructional videos and policies at pitts.emory.edu/fall2020.

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Using the Library from a Distance: Pitts Services, Research, and Resources during COVID-19

Today Pitts is excited to welcome Emory students, faculty, and staff back to the library with new policies and procedures in place to adhere to university–wide health guidelines. Find all the information you’ll need about new protocol at pitts.emory.edu/policies, and learn how to take advantage of the library’s resources from a safe distance distance with our video short series Pitts Services, Research, and Resources during COVID-19. Learn new methods for getting digital scans of physical items, reserving study space, requesting and checking out books, and more at pitts.emory.edu/fall2020!

Questions? Just ask via chat or email at pitts.emory.edu/ask! The library staff thanks its patrons in advance for their continued flexibility during this critical shift to distance learning.


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Tips and Tricks for Online Resources

As students and faculty adapt to online and distance learning, chances are you’ll have to access a digital resource or two during the fall semester. Find some helpful tips and tricks below for a quick guide to using ebooks, databases, online periodicals, and more!


Skip the Searching with Libguides!

Online Resources in the Library Catalog

  • In your discoverE search results, under “Show only” on the left, select “Full Access Online” to limit the results to online items only, which includes e-books, eJournals, streaming audio and video

Access a Full Text Journal or Newspaper via eJournals@Emory

  • Open the  eJournals@Emory A-Z List
  • In the box beside “Find e-Journal by Title:” type in the name of a journal or newspaper
  • Select the title and log in with Emory Net ID and password

Bookmark a Journal or Database of Interest

  • Follow the instructions above to access a full text journal or newspaper using the eJournals@Emory A-Z list 
  • Begin a database search through the Emory Libraries’ A-Z Databases List or a journal search through the eJournals@Emory A-Z List
  • When prompted, sign in with Emory Net ID and password
  • Once the journal or database home page has opened, copy or bookmark the displayed URL. The correct URL should contain proxy.library.emory.edu

Browse an Entire Journal

  • Emory supports Browzine, an app that lets you browse, read, and monitor current academic journals

Access a Database

  • Go to pitts.emory.edu quick links box and select Databases A-Z
  • In the “Search for Databases” box, type in the name of the database, then select “Go”
  • Select the database’s name
  • Log in using your Emory Network ID and Password

Problems Accessing a Database?

  • Clear your cache by going to your browser’s History and clear browsing data; now try to access the database using the steps under “Access a Database,” above
  • If clearing the cache of the browser that you were using doesn’t help, try using a different browser to access the database; for example, if you were using Google Chrome, try using Mozilla Firefox. 
  • Need further assistance? Contact your subject librarian or go to Ask a Librarian to get help by email, chat, or text, or call 404-727-6873.
  • NOTE: This includes items linked from Course Reserves or Canvas

If you have questions about accessing or locating a digital resource, remember to visit pitts.emory.edu/ask for help!

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Fall 2020 Policy Updates: Pitts Theology Library

Will the premier theological library in North America be open this Fall? Absolutely, and in several ways. First, of course, the library is always open to all patrons through its online research guides, reference support over email and live chat at pitts.emory.edu/ask, and the thousands of electronic resources available through the Pitts website. But this Fall, we are offering even more ways that Pitts can support your learning.

Study Space for Emory Faculty, Students and Staff
Beginning Monday August 24, the library will be open as study space for current Emory faculty, students, and staff, by reservation only. These patrons can reserve a specific seat in the library for studying. Reservations are available Mondays through Thursdays, from 9am to 4:30pm, at pitts.emory.edu/seats. Every 90 minutes, all patrons will be asked to leave the space to allow for the space to rest. The library will also make available copying, scanning, and printing services, both inside the library with a reservation as well as outside of the library on a first come, first served basis. Stay tuned at pitts.emory.edu/remotelearning for more updates about what spaces will be available and how to make reservations.

Checking Out Books
Will you be able to check out books? Absolutely! While our book stacks will be accessible to staff only, starting Monday, August 24, current Emory faculty, students, and staff will have the ability to request books from the Pitts circulating collection, and those books will be available for pickup at the library entrance. Make your requests online through the library catalog, and you will receive an email when the books are ready for you to pick up. For detailed instructions, visit pitts.emory.edu/requests. You may even get a free Pitts bag in the process!

Special Collections
What about access to Pitts’ rare books and archives? While we are doing on-demand digitization of these materials for many patrons, if that is not sufficient for your research needs, current Emory faculty, students, and staff can make reservations to view materials in the Special Collections Reading Room, Tuesday through Friday, 10am-2pm. For details and to make a reservation, visit pitts.emory.edu/collections.

Alumni and Affiliates
At this time, access to the physical space and the physical collections is only available to current Emory faculty, students, and staff. This means that currently our Emory alumni users will be limited to the resources licensed for alumni use (see pitts.emory.edu/alums), and our affiliate users will have to wait until Emory deems it safe to reopen the campus to visitors.

Online Learning and Events
All patrons are invited to participate in several online learning opportunities this Fall. We will continue our tradition of Weekly Workshops, instructional sessions from our librarians aimed to equip all patrons with the skills and tools for research and learning in theology and religious studies. For the schedule of workshops, and to register, visit pitts.emory.edu/fall2020workshops.

This year we are also launching the Kessler Conversations, a new program focused on our world-renowned Richard C. Kessler Reformation Collection. These 30-45-minute interviews with leading reformation scholars will trace topics that face contemporary communities back to the 16th century. This Fall, we will have 3 Kessler Conversations, at noon on the first Wednesday of September, October, and November, focused on the topic of disease, healing and pastoral care. To learn more and to register for these free events, visit pitts.emory.edu/kesslerconversations.

The incredible resources of Pitts Theology Library comprise an integral part of the Candler and Emory experience, and we look forward to supporting your learning this Fall, even if the way we do it is a little different!

Interested in learning how to use the services and resources of Pitts during COVID-19? Check out the series of short webinars in the coming weeks at pitts.emory.edu/fall2020.

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Announcing Kessler Conversations 2020

We are excited to launch the Kessler Conversations at Pitts Theology Library this fall. This is a series of online interviews with leading church historians and theologians, asking this question, “What relevance do the events, personalities, and texts of the Protestant Reformation hold for contemporary communities?” On the first Wednesday of each month this Fall, these online, 30-45 minute conversations will offer opportunities for the general public to learn about the events in Europe the 16th century and to consider what they tell us about the issues facing our communities. Conversations each semester will focus on a single contemporary theme and trace it back to the Reformers. This Fall, the Kessler Conversations focus on disease, healing, and pastoral care in the 16th century.

Our September conversation will be with Professor Anna M. Johnson, Associate Professor of Reformation Church History at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary. Professor Johnson’s research explores religious practice in the German Reformation. She is the author of Beyond Indulgences: Luther’s Reform of Late Medieval Piety, 1518-1520 (Truman State University Press, 2017), and she recently wrote the introduction and annotations to Luther’s “Whether One Should Flee the Deadly Plague” for The Annotated Luther (Fortress Press, 2016). The Kessler Conversation with Professor Johnson, entitled “Christian Ethics in Times of Plague,” will be live-streamed at noon Eastern on Wednesday, September 2nd. Registration is free at pitts.emory.edu/annajohnson!

Find more information on future sessions at pitts.emory.edu/reformationday, and feel free to share the flyer below to spread the word! We look forward seeing you there. 

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Video Streaming Options at Emory

Looking for ways to stream videos this fall?

Current Emory students, faculty, and staff have access to a wide variety of streaming video resources, from documentaries to music to popular studio films. While not a comprehensive list, these are some of Emory’s most popular streaming services:

Academic Video Online (AVON): Best for documentaries in history, art, and other humanities.

Kanopy: Mixture of Hollywood blockbusters, global cinema, and popular documentaries. Some highlights include a number of films in the Criterion Collection and selections from The Great Courses.

Swank: While primarily used for Course Reserves, Swank has a selection of Hollywood films, and even some recent releases!

Film Platform: Modern documentaries with a social justice and politics emphasis.

Some quick tips and tricks:

  • If you’re having trouble streaming, try opening the page in an incognito or private browser window.

  • Not all films on these sites show up in discoverE, so take a look on each site individually to confirm their available titles.

  • Selections change frequently, so be sure to check back for new titles!

  • Contact reference librarians for more help searching and discovering streaming resources at Emory.

In addition, check out LITS Films and Videos page for more information!

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