Reformation Day at Emory 2015

The twenty-eighth annual Reformation Day at Emory focused on Scripture and Reform: The Ten Commandments as Jewish Law, Christian Gospel, and Civic Code. After docent-led tours of Dr. Armin Siedlecki’s exhibit ‘That We a Godly Life May Live’: Martin Luther and the Ten Commandments, Dr. M. Patrick Graham presented highlights from the year’s acquisitions to the Richard C. Kessler Reformation Collection. We then heard the preaching of Professor Jonathan Strom and enjoyed a luncheon musical program with the Candler Singers, directed by Rev. Barbara Day Miller.

In the afternoon, we listened to three lectures on the Ten Commandments: Professor Brent A. Strawn clarified fundamental aspects of the Ten Commandments, Professor John Witte Jr. examined the uses of the Ten Commandments in Reformation politics and law, and Professor Ted A. Smith explored the question “What Would it Mean to Live by the Ten Commandments Today?” Videos from the sermon and the three lectures are available at the following link.

To receive updates on next year’s Reformation Day at Emory, contact us at theologyref [at] emory [dot] edu.

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