Haggadah Exhibit Ends this Month

Haggadah Pitts Screens“And you shall tell your child on that day, ‘It is because of what the LORD did for me when I went free from Egypt.’” (Exodus 13:8)

The Haggadah (“telling”) is the text that recounts the Israelites’ deliverance from slavery in Egypt and structures the Passover seder. The Haggadah’s domestic qualities also provide a window into the development of Jewish religious cultures across time and place.

The exhibit “Reading the Telling: The Passover Haggadah Across Time and Place” tells the stories of those who produced and used individual Haggadot over time. Curated by Adam T. Strater, in collaboration with the Tam Institute for Jewish Studies, the exhibit includes a range of artistic, commercial, and ideological Haggadot from the fifteenth through twenty-first centuries, as well as images and artifacts from the Rose Library and Breman Museum. This rich exhibit will be on in the gallery until Thursday, June 30. Come and see the exhibit any time the library is open (Monday – Friday, 7:30 am – 5:00 pm), and view the exhibit videos online at http://pitts.emory.edu/exhibits/haggadah2016/video.cfm.












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