Halloween Inspiration from the DIA

Happy All Hallows’ Eve from the Pitts Theology Library! If you’re still hunting for costume ideas, there is plenty of inspiration to be found in the bountiful Digital Image Archive. Perhaps you’re thinking of something angelic?

cherub Look no further than the printer’s device for Thomas Anshelm Badensis (note the monogram), on the left. All you’ll need is a bed sheet, a curling iron, and a friend who is willing to be your cherubic companion. If you’re feeling particularly accurate, you can bring a banner with the Hebrew and Greek versions of the name of Jesus.

angelBut perhaps you would prefer a more imposing angelic costume. In that case, you might consider an archangel, like this engraving of the archangel Michael by Carl Schuler (1785-1852) to the right. You’d need some wings and a friend to dress up as the object of the angel’s wrath. Bonus points if you can manage to conjure a cloud that lingers imposingly behind you all night.

The Digital Image Archive can also offer some more frightening inspiration, if you’re in the mood. Use the Scripture Search feature to hunt for images from Revelation 17, for example. There you’ll find images of the many beasts of the apocalypse, like this magnificent specimen below:



As always, remember that DIA images are perfect for bulletins, posters, and for browsing…and not just on Halloween!

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